First winner of the World Cup has become a Russian woman’s skeleton!

Russian Olga skeletonistka Potylitsyn won the kickoff of the World Cup, held in Igls, Austria. After the first attempt, it was second only to Emma Lincoln-Smith, but the second showed the best time, ahead of Australia's total by 0.23 seconds. Potylitsyn became the first in the history of the representative of our country to win a World Cup skeleton.


The holiday came on the Russian street on the first day of the start of the World Cup bobsled and skeleton. Olga Potylitsyn won the competition skeletonistok.

22-year-old Russian has announced his bid for success in the first attempt with a score of 54.71. It is better to overcome the distance Potylitsyn only Australian Emma Lincoln-Smith (54.66). Melissa closed the top three Hollingsworth of Canada (54.76).

A second attempt to significantly shuffled alignment places. Not the best way speaking Hollingsworth, however, hold onto third place, but the position of the Lincoln Smith suffered a decisive attack Potylitsyn.

Russian woman, in contrast to the main rivals, showed the best time (54.68) than in the first attempt, and in the end ahead of Australia's 0.23 seconds.


Russia coach in bobsled and skeleton Oleg Sokolov commented on the success of Potylitsyn.

"Today is a big celebration in the history of the Russian sled! The first Russian woman to win the World Cup! Such a stunning start to the season, we have not been, — quotes the coach "All Sports". — We're all very, very happy for Olga! Athlete progresses simply enormous speed. In the past year, it is higher than fourth place at the World Cup did not rise. And now, on a very difficult track in Igls was the first. "

"Olga is well drove the first race, but made a few mistakes in four or five turns, — added the Falcons. — And in the second race was going, drove these bends are no errors, gained speed and successfully reach the finish line. A main rival in the fight for first place, Australian Emma Lincoln-Smith, who was in the lead after the first run, made a grave error, lost speed and eventually became the second. "

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