Flexible tentacles horse-beef mafia

In Europe, "horse-beef mafia" and the scope of its activity is much more than you might expect. These conclusions come investigators studying meat scandal. Literally every hour float new details and circumstances.

If initially it was just about frozen semi-finished products made in France from the Romanian raw materials, it is now revealed that the horse meat, and mixed into the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and Cyprus, and there were suspicions against Germany.

Pay the same for a fake consumers had at least a dozen countries in Central and Northern Europe. In addition to supermarkets, disguised horse meat is found in British hospitals and school cafeterias.

In the United Kingdom, where the horses have historically not taken, the scandal has the moral and ethical tone, but mostly it is not about that — horse meat is consumed on the continent — and the fact that in the system to ensure food security in Europe formed a giant hole.

Doctors are finding out whether consumers suffer stomachs, along with purses, Thus, even in the middle of the week a number of samples revealed the presence of traces of horse meat horse medications that can have unpleasant consequences for the individual.

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