Flowering of the Black Sea is a record, say experts

 Flowering of the Black Sea is a record, it has been going on for over a month and covers all the deep-sea part, said the Engineering Technology Center (ETC), "RDC".

"Blossoms of coccolithophores, and this specific kind of phytoplankton in the Black Sea has been going on a month and covers all the deep sea," — said "RDC".

"This kind of intensity and duration of flowering in the Black Sea have not been observed. Maximum intensity of flowering observed in the eastern part of the sea" — are reported to acting Head. Department of Remote Sensing, senior fellow Marine Hydrophysical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Serhiy the Village.

ITC experts "RDC" in May of flowering found in the Black Sea, studying satellite images. The probable cause of intense flowering was a cold winter and the associated convection.

Field of flowering allocated to high brightness values of upwelling radiation, visible in images from Terra and Aqua and are confined mainly to the eastern parts of the Black Sea, the report says.

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