Following the birth rate in Russia is growing the market for children’s products by an average of 15% per year

The market children's products depends on the demographic situation in the country, as well as material well-being of the population. Over the past few years managed to reverse the population decline of Russia, born in 2010 a record 1,788,948 people. Also in Russia reduced mortality. During 11 months of 2011, it decreased by 1.7 times, the number of births was 1,638,800 people.

In virtually every region of the country there is a tendency to an increase in the birth rate. First place is Central FD — 400,644 newborns. In second place Volga Federal District — 364 290 people. Closes the three Southern Federal District and 320,992 births in 2010.

According business plan online store children's products, prepared by MA "Navigator", market children's products in Russia is developing dynamically and has great prospects in the future. In Russia there are over 26 million people under the age of 17 years, which is about 18% of the population. Total volume of the Russian market of children's goods in 2011 amounted to 417 billion rubles.
The average growth rate of the market — 15% per year. Certain categories of products are growing fast. Forecast potential market of children's goods at the level of 650-710 billion rubles.

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