For the first time in Russia: GLONASS technology combined with the airport management

Specialized GLONASS solution is designed to improve the efficiency of air transport companies. Holding SpaceTeam ® together with JSC International Airport "Vnukovo" in the complex SmartRamp fulfilled unique to the airline industry integration of monitoring and traffic management on the basis of the GLONASS system with the key management of the airport: INFORM GroundStar (planning and operational management of the daily flight plan and ground handling of aircraft ) subsystem evaluation of boarding aircraft and their position on the platform, as well as geographic information system (GIS).


Innovative technology has transformed the union "Vnukovo" in a single well-working mechanism, allowing as quickly and efficiently solve problems of airport: the control and monitoring of aircraft maintenance tasks, prevention of incidents and operational monitoring of movements of aircraft and special equipment on the platform; analysis of incidents, access to stories movement of vehicles, and more. etc.

"Vehicles and buses running on the platform, controlled by GLONASS, which, in the end, not only ensures 100% compliance with the rules, regulations and safety standards, but also significantly reduces the ground handling of aircraft," — said IT Director OJSC "International airport" Vnukovo "Alex Gurevich.

The complex SmartRamp receives information from the database Airport AODB GroundStar (daily flight plan, the estimated data, the actual time of landing), systems RMS GroundStar (planning and management of ground handling of flights), sub-systems evaluation of boarding and position of aircraft on the apron and VKOAir geographic information system. Based on these data SmartRamp allows rapid assessment of the situation on the platform and to minimize the occurrence of abnormal situations.

"The key aims of implementation of GLONASS — the most efficient aircraft maintenance, reduced operating expenses airport, optimization of the use of vehicles and special equipment on the platform" — adds Yuri Gailit, Head of Direct Sales SpaceTeam ® holding.

Reducing aircraft turn-around time — a critical component of effective operation of the international air transport hub "Vnukovo" with a capacity of 8 million passengers a year. Airport's route network includes 450 regular and charter flights that provide the main passenger "Vnukovo", and more than 450 lines of business aviation. Each year, the airport is served by more than 150 thousand flights of Russian and foreign airlines. Airfield complex "Vnukovo" has two intersecting runways, the capacity of which is 58 operations per hour. The total area of the platform "Vnukovo" — 55ga. Perron airport complex is designed to park more than 100 aircraft of various types — from business jets to airliners such as Boeing — 747 and AN -124 — 100 "Ruslan".

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