For the first time in Russia held prostate brachytherapy with the use of domestic microsources

  • Needle implantation microsources
  • Needle implantation microsources

Two brachytherapy for prostate cancer with the use of Russian microsources produced by "Bebig" (subsidiary of JSC "NanoBrahiTek" created with the participation of RUSNANO) was conducted by specialists of the Moscow State Clinical Hospital № 50 under the supervision of a member of the Board of the Russian Society of Urology, k.m.n ., Professor Andrey V. Zaitsev at the department, headed by chief urologist Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pushkar.

Prostate Cancer — one of the most common cancers in men. One of the most promising and effective treatments for the disease — brachytherapy. This method allows to treat patients with malignant tumors, and is a form of radiotherapy where a radiation source is injected into the affected organ. The maximum dose of radiation is delivered directly to the tumor without damage adjacent tissues and organs. Brachytherapy is actively used in the world: this procedure for over 13 years has been used in 800 medical centers in the U.S. and Western Europe.

The company produces Microsources radiation on the basis of iodine-125, used in the treatment of prostate cancer using brachytherapy. Microsources is sealed at both ends of the medical laser titanium cylinder measuring 4.5 x0, 8 mm gold wire is inside — and the X-ray marker is a radionuclide 125I as silver iodide, which is in the porous alumina ceramics. They are used mainly for the treatment of prostate cancer, but can also be used to treat other tumors.

Until recently Microsources used in Russia for brachytherapy were foreign-made. The company's factory is located in Dubna near Moscow, will make this treatment more affordable as the cost of the microcapsules is lower than that of foreign analogues.

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