For the first time in Russia Rostsel’mash begins to produce big baler

For the first time in Russia Rostsel'mash begins to produce big baler TUKAN Max. Half a ton of hay at a breakthrough — a revolutionary breakthrough in the market square balers. No one in Russia such a technique does not produce. It is these technical characteristics of the baler waited many peasant farmers.

 "The technical level of new square balers TUKAN Max reached unprecedented heights: at a time they can pack more than half a ton of grass (550 kg), and the use of special options available (Stayer drive) weight of a bale of hay can be more than 1 ton. Such machines in Russia does not produce any manufacturer, "said marketing director Alex Rostsel'mash Moshnenko.

With its high performance and power consumption, large-pakuyuschie balers TUKAN Max used to collect straw and hay. High compression is achieved by hydraulic cylinders, providing the required level of density bales. Tying the bale is automatic. The car is perfect the undulations of the field, can work with both broad and narrow with rolls of hay and straw.

And balers TUKAN Max has a chamber with a cross section 120h70sm — this is one of the most sought modifications in the peasant-farmers.

Many farms are in desperate need of high-performance machines that can in the shortest time necessary to procure food. Imported cars did not solve the problem. Every year the demand for balers constantly increasing. This market — one of the fastest growing: from 2009/10 on the 2011/2012 agricultural year increase of over 100%.

According to marketing director Alexei Rostsel'mash Moshnenko, the company is entering the market with one of the best prices on the balers in its category.

"By creating a new technique Rostselmash, took care of the cleaning technology from the beginning to the end. For transportation of large bales and rolls the company also began producing technician "satellite": trolley bales TPT-20, which can carry from 6 to 11.34 tons of cargo, "- said Alexey Moshnenko.

The company already produces Rostsel'mash baler TUKAN; baler PELIKAN, the performance of which amounts to about 10 tons / hour.

Brief technical characteristics of PPT-1270

Dimensions: length / width / height mm.


Width of the pick-up mechanism

2200 mm


5900 kg

Tractor PTO

1000 rev / min

Power consumption

100/75 hp. / Sq.

Number. knotter

6 pcs.

Knotter cleaning system

3 fans

The frequency of stroke

52 per min.

Bale dimensions: mm.






1000 to 2500

Bale density, kg / m3:





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