For the first time in the IDEX-2013 PMA touts multi-range missile Kornet-EM

TSAMTO, February 18. Of "Instrument Design Bureau" at the exhibition IDEX-2013 in the exhibitions "Rostekhnadzor" presented in models, and models for the development of the stands in all major areas of the PCU, the press service of the company.

In particular, at IDEX-2013 demonstrated an anti-missile system "Metis-M1", BM on a wheeled chassis ZRPK "Armour-C1", a set of guided weapons "Hermes-A" (based on the complex "Peck") with homing missiles to equip aircraft and helicopters, and 155-mm guided weapons "Krasnopol-M2", a set of guided weapons "Fringe" for mortars caliber 120mm, set of weapons with MSA and guided weapons "Kornet-E" to equip armored vehicles, combat module "Bakhcha" with regular or upgraded weapon system BMP-3 to accommodate a variety of media and stationary objects and modifications tracked vehicle (BMD-3), a complex of automated artillery fire control units "Malachite".

The first time at IDEX-2013 PMA widely advertises multi-purpose long-range missile "Kornet-EM." Visitors to the exhibition for the first time can get acquainted with one of the latest developments KBP — small grenade launcher CIM "Bor".

In general, small arms and grenade launchers are very well represented in the exhibition by the PCU IDEX-2013. This jet infantry flamethrower increased range and power RPO PDM-A (Bee-M), 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AGS-30, 7.62 mm sniper rifle, OC-03, 12.7 — mm sniper rifle OSV-96, 40-mm grenade launcher GP-30M, 5.56-mm machine compact A-91, 9-mm submachine gun PP-2000, a 9-mm pistol special gun PP-90M, 12.7 mm large-caliber sniper rifle videoconferencing , a 9-mm pistol GS-18, a grenade launcher magazine GM-94, 7.62-mm special revolver Stechkina OC-38, 12 gauge shotgun magazine-RMB-93, 9×19 mm pistol cartridge with armor-piercing bullets and other products, the press service of "PCU."

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