For Ukrainian cities to buy new home-made trolley

For Ukrainian cities to buy new home-made trolleyRolling stock of many Ukrainian cities in the near future to upgrade trolleybuses and trams from Ukrainian producers to the degree of localization of production is not less than 80 percent, said at an enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ukraine with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul.

According to Alexander Vilkul for organizing updates tram and trolleybus park will attract energy-saving technologies to achieve energy savings of at least 40 percent. Also, be sure to be considered necessary for the transport of persons with special needs conditions.

According to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister A. Vilkul also planned to buy a few buses not only high passenger capacity, and high-capacity passenger. In this way, the government plans to move from converted taxis to transport higher quality. As Alexander Vilkul, state reimbursement for credits will be realized through the implementation of a program of economic revitalization, which aims to support Ukrainian car industry. To do this would apply concessional lending.

Remember that not so long ago at a meeting of government meeting during the presentation of "a program of economic revitalization in the period from 2013 to 2014-th years," Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister A. Vilkul represented all the measures for the development of a very important state facilities, including for the development of infrastructure in Ukraine.

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