Forecasters predict that the spring flood

Spring tide can bring a lot of trouble and Russians issues. As the head of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand this winter in the European part of Russia dropped a lot of rain, and the thaw is extremely rare, so the snow will melt, not as usual.

In many regions, the amount of snow above the norm of 35% — 50%. The only exception is the Moscow region, where values are close to normal. Compared to last year the snow at times more, say meteorologists. In addition, weather forecasts, heavy snowfalls are possible in early March, when leaves anticyclone providing frosty and clear weather.

However, according to Vilfand, a lot of snow this winter is not a record. "Such situations are not uncommon, and not so often, about once every eight — ten years. But this amount of snow is a prerequisite for a sophisticated spring flooding this year," — said the head meteorologist.

The other day Roman Vilfand Muscovites upset, saying that early spring is not expected in the first month of spring winter weather continues. The main feature of March, according to forecaster will uneven weather with rapid changes in temperature — from heavy frost to thaw. Spring is in the capital region will only come in the middle of April.

However, experts from the earlier service "Ekometeobyuro", by contrast, predicted early and violent spring. These conclusions are arrived at after analysis of the behavior of birds. As it turned out, during the nesting birds began in mid-February, indicating the imminent arrival of spring.

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