Freedom is not freedom

It all starts with the company values on which we stand, and of the challenges that are set. Those who consider themselves part of our democratic society, with the biggest problem.

Not only do they often lack is not that common, but no values and goals, so they are still readily maintained on falsehood, lies, and deception. And showed that these elections — the consent of the registration with obviously recruited a hundred thousand to pakayalnyh performances and ridiculous "subscriptions of non-disclosure," according to the fear of prison, whether for the sake of comfort otfutbolivaniya journalists. But it's all the consequences. It all starts again, of the values and objectives.


Russian analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky recently outlined our situation very succinctly. He wondered why democracy is established in the Baltic States, and we have not. After all, there is the idea of freedom and national idea coincided. We are also coincided in the late 1980s, from which emerged independence. And always, when they are the same, the company is consolidating, and the country is a kind of historical bonus. Only then, they have drifted apart. In the words poet, "and went coast matuliny as two feet." That's where we are.

What is the idea of freedom, we imagine — free elections, free speech, free assembly. What is the national idea, and partly clear. Its like arithmetic formulated nashanivtsy hundred years ago. A two arithmetic, as we know, does not happen. Marker national idea — the language. Thus, if the two ideas are combined (which happened in the States and we fell apart), all freedom-in this country says one, his own language. Especially, when the government speaks the language of a neighboring country, and the policy of Russification.

If two ideas are combined, we appear common values and common objectives.

The fact that all the "alternative candidates" included in their performances pieces in Russian or only in Russian and acted, — also because falsehood, lies, and deception. They say they do not want to scare the public bogey nationalism? Personally, I did not see for the life of a single Belarusian, who could be called nationalist. 've Seen a lot of fools, and no nationalist. They will say that they would have someone in the Belarusian language is not understood? And then someone needs them so critical that it is possible for the sake of his entire company to turn into a farce? They say they do not, and my colleagues, democratic journalists who write in Russian for a wider audience? First, it is not a fact, there is an example of "Freedom" Hermyanchuk that the transition to the Russian lost its huge circulation. Second, even if so, that a wider audience so critical you need to turn your company into a farce?

Devil horns bilingualism

All the same, the question of values and objectives. Bilingualism does not consolidate the opposition, and the other way around, destroying it. Is sixteen years of little to verify this? At the word "bilingualism" laid split. Eighty percent of the incumbent incorporated the word "bilingualism." Yes, and the current head that says on the two official languages — is not implemented bilingualism? Mosaic. With that, everyone knows that there are no equal rights for raseyshchyny and belarushchyny that in the Constitution, no. Again, hypocrisy, lies and deception, all of which more clearly stick to stick to amonovskie horns. Language is given to us by God, and this is — you know, from anyone.

During the election had as much to hear ubayukvalnyh words addressed to the public on the subject of language: we, God forbid, will not cancel statehood Russian language, we would not be forced to teach beloruschinu and speak it. Still not smart enough to say that to impose a ban on all Belarusian. Perhaps the next election will mature before.

Bilingualism introduces a psychological stupor. Ask the opposition media journalists why they print materials in Russian? I asked a hundred times and never heard a convincing answer. Talk about the audience, and then I see that they just so convenient — and write, and to recruit staff. Again, hypocrisy, lies and deception.

Just because a question is not about any audience, not on coercion or the "nezvarotnasts" bilingualism. The issue is to change the system, to What you need consolidate hundred thousand Belarusians are not rootless crowd, and in a real social force. All of the people all of the "audience" for this is not necessary, and never in all of this will not participate.

Do not be afraid! None of your images and to not fall off your circulation, if you will write and speak in Belarusian. At least a change of the system.

When the dictatorship will collapse and the country will put a real electoral system, then please — speak and write in Russian, enter into any Russian party or even a Cossack shvadrony not know belarushchyny — your legal right. But today's Democrats bilingualism only works to further degradation of society and, consequently, the immutability of the authoritarian government.

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