Freedom of choice in the New Civilization

Periodically break out messages on the three days of darkness, the death of most of the people at the time of the quantum transition (change of the vibrational frequencies of human and land), the destiny of the future and many similar themes that frighten people, in different ways laying the subconscious or conscious belief in their own helplessness, if at a certain time (usually refers to 20-24 December 2012) does not take the necessary level of enlightenment.

Therefore, many are worried for himself, considering himself not enlightened, and for their family members who live ordinary lives and spiritual seekers.

Our evolution does have some designs of development possibilities of life in the new civilization. Information embedded in the Divine Matrix, which contains absolutely everything about everything. It lies not only multidimensional, mnogoprostranstvennost and eternity in the promotion of the Divine perfection, it contains a multi-variant and unlimited freedom of choice.

The choice may be different — by age, by type, by process, by variants of events forming relationships that you choose to live, that is, the variety of choice in all areas of life.

More recently still, we knew that all of our requests, the divine plan gives us three answers — "Yes", "No" or "Not yet." Now all there is one answer is YES!

We talk a lot about positive thinking and the power of thought in the materialization process or event. In theory, that you all have heard an infinite number of times, and during the day as you think and what to do? Old habits often lead us to grumble, to complain about the unfortunate events, the complex relationships prigoryunitsya about his personality or looks unattractive, grumble, what everything wrong, how bad is coming … and many such thoughts often brewed in my head …

Now the power of energy is unusually large, so the idea is literally 5-10 seconds begin to structure and create energy processes, to begin the process of the event! Really pay attention to the nature of your regular thought processes. Initially you may feel that you are set only on positive thoughts — make sure that it is. Periodically try to remember what and how to think in the last ten minutes and write it down. If you have some time regularly record their myslepotoki, realize that actually represent your thoughts.

In seminars, I often mention the old anecdote that you all probably know, but it is a vivid illustration of the way our thoughts and reactions in real life.

Dejected man grumbles, "My wife — snake, mother-in-law bore, children — idiots … Over his shoulder is an angel, sad sigh -" again the same thing … will have to do … ". This anecdote is in the audience laugh, but draws attention to how unwittingly we build depressing reality his thoughts.

At a seminar in Kiev this anecdote had a real playful continuation. We discussed the possibility trip to Egypt in November 2011 on the activation Masterprostranstv 11/11/11 … The workshop was attended married couple and the mother of one of the spouses. In Egypt, the three of them wanted to go, but my mother was distressed at the lack of money for such a trip. And she remembered that she had a massage couch that she had bought and not use it. Immediately decided that he would ad to sell it, and then … she starts to think out loud, "But who needs this sofa, no one will buy …". Son comes quietly behind her, leaning over his shoulder and insinuating angelic voice says "We'll have to perform!". Mom immediately started, oh, really, that I model …, immediately canceled their applications … All three come with us to Egypt!

Often known as the regulations, rules, laws, knowledge, we have taken on a theoretical level, but we do not apply to life, because behavior and reaction to the situation is the same. Now we live in the year 2012, energy is very strong and efficient, nothing like this has not happened before. Power drops to the ground of the new energies is extremely high, so it is important to be attentive to what form your mental activity. Everything is going to implement — both good and no longer need!

How much has been written about the fact that the control center of our being transferred to the heart space! This means that our perception of the outside world, events, processes and new energies to be translated into the heart area, and not to form the brain and the mind, because the mind and the brain are working on a three-dimensional vibration response range and build on the old experience … That is, they scare you old events, dramas and tragedies bygone millennia. So many people are now easily fall for provocative hook, where hangs a horror story that should be afraid of the future, the new processes will bring death … Who is beneficial and very necessary! Think about it!

The times are different now! Now you create the reality of a new civilization with divine powers! This can be a wonderful world, built on the vibrations of happiness and creativity beautiful events for themselves and the rising of humanity! The future is not planned! This multi-variant in all events, a lot of choices for everyone! It will be as you choose in every moment of life! This can only be positive!

And someone accomplishes another selection — simulates the quantum leap to the deaths of most of the physical world and people …

Divine plan, which gave us the freedom of choice, had to perform the claimed methods for each. This method — the separation of the realities on the vibration characteristics. All of this — the separation of realities, there is a total energy-structure of the Earth.

And in addition, there is a real multi-dimensional quantum time — VSEVremene, no linear time scale on which all events for all interrelated linear circuit sequence of events for the whole Earth and all humanity. Today, everyone is special, it is characteristic of the amount of time in which the events will be such, what readiness to adopt new energy and vibration according to the individual divine plan of his awakening, transition and integration into the space of the New World. Infinitely variable planetary processes for each is impossible to understand and accept the three-dimensional mind.

Do not be attached to a linear calendar dates! Events on these dates will be different for everyone! On personal vibration and light nature of each. The energies of the planets and star systems, cosmic cycles and rhythms within themselves contain the same universal multivariate and multidimensional, so the processes that you will stay in the fateful date will be different for each — in their personal energy state. But to prepare for them makes sense, because the Earth are special energies and provides unlimited opportunities for active conscious transfiguration. Earth has a huge variety of planetary systems radiators, panels, power seats, which generate the appropriate settings for the new energies. Through these emitters on complex structural construction and energy grids in the energy space of the Earth, and people are initiated various processes of transformation. Each person entered their energy into multiple networks and grids for different purposes. They are a natural part of our energy structure. Therefore, in the special power days you can consciously work on specific programs, which will be revealed in you in accordance with the overall vibration characteristics or content of Light in your spaces and events. You can be active — then the events of life are changing rapidly, you can live with the old, then the desired start being accomplished at other times, when you are ready to change themselves. But one thing is clear — without your specific actions and personal choice in your life happens.

I am convinced that those who are not waiting for three days of darkness, and it will not live.

In the ancient memory of existing knowledge about the sharp vibration switch, during which there was a period full reboot, who lives as a change in light, vibration characteristics of all systems of life of all things, including the very Earth.

However, what is happening now in the world is not never happened before. Earth and all that is first transformed into a qualitatively new level of vibration and light with all the material world order, with the bodies, the physical order. This is a unique experience, which is important for the universe and the cosmos. This new model is being tested changes in biological characteristics of energy-beings, in the plant world and the animal world, it is a complex process in the world. For this experiment, we have hundreds of thousands of years ago have come to earth from different star systems, making sparks different worlds, and extraterrestrial civilizations in the organization of life on Earth. Many times we were embodied and lived a different event, joyful and depressing experience, learned the spiritual ups and downs to know absolutely everything. To know how to transform the subtle and physical energy, how to change their vibrational nature and information content, how to get to all the material world order of biological form "man" in the new biological form — the divine essence in the world to be able to experience its infinity and integrity with all that is. Through division and separation to be able to return to its natural pervoprirode — integrity with all that is in the universe and the universe.

Therefore, an increase of vibration and conversion for different purposes are common. Over the past 20 years we have lived with the earth has a lot of mini-quantum transition, lived replacement programs in various arrays and matrices, the transformation in energinformatiki okolotelesnyh spaces and cells survived dramatic changes in solar activity and radiation of the moon, the new energies of the planets Galactic and cosmic transformation, replacement and removal time matrix of linear time … it is impossible to enumerate all that happened … And all it took, lived, despite the many times foretells the death of …

Divine Plan — a comprehensive love that does not destroy or destroys. But man his thoughts can and destroy and destroy. So let's not shift the responsibility for the disaster to the divine plan, it is modeled by people! Prerequisites for such events — it is also done by man. But all of you together can transform energy-codes prior experience, that (a) permanently away from the energy-space Earth and humanity are all prerequisites disasters and suffering, death and destruction, greed and violence to life.

Today in the world in the incarnation of the soul is very strong, elected to conduct a three-dimensional translation of the material world into a new vibration, and a qualitatively different state — a divine civilization on earth with the material world order. This is a complex experiment.

Of course, one should not expect that the material world order and technocratic authority identified himself elected to rule, disappear overnight, but the old world order and strands in its present form will not be able to enter the new world. All this is now in the process of divine transformation. This is really the future is predetermined. Darkness and Evil as a negative leave Earth, because its purpose is fulfilled. As yet there are people who try to hold on to power and captured the world's wealth. But the earth does not exist as a grain of sand, separated from the overall process in the cosmos. Land and lives processes it is a natural and important part in the space community. It is now moving into outer space, where already formed new light vibrating space. Vplyvaya in these spaces, we can not withdraw from the energy that plunged along with the solar system, galaxy, universe … Therefore, a new evolution and the triumph of Light on Earth irreversible. And we are equally important partners of the Transfiguration in the world. On Earth need to anchor the new energies. It is our body, living on Earth, connected to the integrity of the Earth, its spiritual essence of Gaia — we all spend a single process. The leaders of such processes will hold general activation and anchoring, and basic humanity, Edit, enter the space of a new civilization when ready. Do not hesitate with the transformation! The sooner you involve in this process, the more comes the wonderful world! Sad enough, wait dirty tricks of life and the world, become a light to yourself and you light up your living space! Then your light will ignite the hearts of other people, and processes of change people become widespread. But God's plan with great joy that will help shape your stated wishes and wonderful event!

So simple!

Further, for those who are worried about loved ones who are not yet interested in topics spiritual transformation. The divine plan is not currently expect one hundred percent of the energy of awakening all of the physical aspect — the body. Most people will begin to change gradually, and will simply honest and friendly people.

You might often come across loud arguments about how to properly and spiritually to live on Earth. But people do not always, manifests a way of life, living on their advertised rates. So today indicator of spirituality — is the actual behavior in everyday life. For this, one does not necessarily know what the energy matrix or Akash … most people change their behavior in everyday life, because of the energy tracts of land, collective fields of human DNA will go gently old codes suffering, intimidation, guilt, aggression , manipulation, survival … the process of transformation will take place in many subtle ways. Higher subtle levels of people already have a high light of the program, there is only the physical body and okolotelesnye spaces that will be gradually released from the old energies. Today, multi-dimensional lattice quantum consciousness present in each, but their conscious perception revealed as human transformation.

Conscious efforts in this direction will accelerate the process, but if a person is not ready for an intense energy work, this does not mean that in December 2012, the disaster will wipe him off the face of the earth. It is important not to wait for the coming trouble and distress, or an angel behind him, will have to breathe again, sadly, "We'll have to perform!"

Below is a remarkable illustration of the subject — the choice and the declared wishes, which sent me Julvius Way. Yulvius Yu wrote in PORTAL YULVIUS
A man and his desire to

-Hello, hello! Can I talk to God?

-Hello! Unite!

-Hello, my soul! I carefully listen to you!

-Lord, come the New Year! I beg you, fulfill my wishes!

-Of course, dear, anything you want! But first, I'll connect to the department and dreams, try to understand what you made mistakes in the past!

… Metallic voice on the phone: "Please wait, now joined to the operator of department wishes" …….. Waiting ….

I welcome you! What would you like to know?

-Hello! Redirected me to you Lord said before guessing new desires, it is good to listen to the old ones.

-It is clear, wait a minute …. And, lo! All the desires of the soul. Weighty tome! Are you listening?

-Yes, sure.

-Start with last year:

1) I'm tired of this job! (Performed work sick!)

2) My husband does not pay attention (to execute, do not pay!)

3) Oh, I have a little money (done, the bread was enough for boots you pull!)

4) Girlfriends — procedure (performed)

5) I would have at least some flat (done, on the 10th floor under the roof, the roof leaks, requested because some!)

6) I would have at least some little car (we get "Zaporozhets" shaggy year)

7) Oh, well, if only to leave, at least somewhere (done, mother in law to the country, it is just a slave. Force required)

8) Well, what is it, no one will give no color (done, will not present!)
Continue? Here about a year reading!

— No, no, got it! Transfer my call to the Creator!

— God, I got it! I will keep track of every thought, even the smallest! I ask that you always send me positive thoughts! I ask you to help me understand what you have always helped me and all true! And now I want to think properly. You can call back later?

Giggle … in the tube ……

-Of course, my dear! Anytime!

PS In your prayers do not complain to God that you are all wrong. He might think that you still do not know what is really bad, and will show it to you. Tell God that you are all well! Then he thought, "Uh-uh, honey, do not you know what a really good …")))

Biruta Victoria Komolova

"School of Excellence First Principle"
Riga, Latvia
Source material site "First Principle"

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