From earthquakes in Japan intensified 13 volcanoes

From earthquakes in Japan intensified 13 volcanoesMeteoupravlenie Japan recently reported that after the incident on March 11 massive earthquake across the country began to be activated for at least 13 volcanoes, reports "Xinhua".
Some of the walking is also famous volcanoes Fuji. March 15 near Fujiyama earthquake with magnitude 6.4, hypocenter was located very close to the area of the accumulation of lava of Mount Fuji. One of the professors at the University Sidzuokskogo vulkanovedeniyu explained that "under the influence of seismic wave and reset accumulated lava excited and led to an increase in the number of earthquakes around volcanoes." In his view, after the strong crustal earthquakes in the eastern part of Japan has become unbalanced. Meanwhile meteoupravlenie Japan reported that have not yet received information about the signs of the eruption of volcanoes.

Recall earlier today reported that the number of dead and missing in the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has reached 27,048 people. These revised data reported today Police Headquarters of the country. According to the latest reports, the disaster claimed the lives of 10,804 people, whose bodies have already been identified by relatives and injured 2777 people, with 16,244 listed as missing. According to the police, these statistics do not include those victims of the earthquake and tsunami, the body which may be in the 20-kilometer zone around the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1". Rescue operations were suspended there, when, due to the deterioration of the situation at the plant was declared mandatory evacuation. The number of victims in the most affected by the disaster Miyagi prefecture reached 6477 people in the neighboring prefectures of Iwate and Fukushima 3185 and killed 948 people. In these and other regions of the island of Honshu completely destroyed about 19 thousand buildings, tsunami claimed the houses into the ocean in 1165, 200 houses completely burned. Severely damaged over 2 thousand sites of the roadway, or it was drowned in a dangerous condition over two thousand fishing vessels. In temporary shelters, deployed in 17 prefectures, are still about 240 thousand people

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