From the Arctic ozone hole reached Moscow

The World Meteorological Organization has recorded a record: in the Arctic in February and March, nearly 40 percent down the ozone layer. What threatens the destruction of the ozone layer, and whether to save the planet from it? This was in the air "Morning of Russia" said head of the department of research in atmospheric composition of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Nicholas Elanskii.

While the destruction of the ozone layer is not anything catastrophic, scientists say. Ozone hole, according to him, have always existed, but had a very small area and quickly destroyed. However, this new hole is different. "What makes a new hole in the Arctic — it was the same as the Antarctic hole — for the duration of the territory. She is a very large and powerful, "- said Nikolai Elanskii.

According to experts, it is unlikely to face humanity something terrible. Solar radiation in the area, over which there is a hole, though, and increased, but not too dangerous. Nicholas Elanskii said that the Arctic ozone hole has migrated, she captured the northern regions of Russia. "April 3-4, it went over Moscow, and many have noticed that the sun was bright. It is connected with it and fall of atmospheric pressure, "- he added.

The scientist said that Russia has enough UV radiation, because of its lack of Russians feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if the ozone hole for our area only the periphery and if this phenomenon is observed in the spring, not summer, when solar radiation is increased, there is nothing wrong with that.

However, according to Nicholas Elanskii, solar radiation that passes through the gap in the ozone layer, causing changes in the composition of the atmosphere. Because of this change the heat balance, and this affects the temperature regime in the global atmospheric circulation. "There may be disruptions in global circulation, which can lead to extreme events," — he said.

This rapid increase in ozone holes make you think and look at nasuschye problem. Scary to think what can happen to the ozone layer, the more the problem is observed in Russia. Impact of this magnitude can affect various activities, as well on a private business. Though perhaps not for those who in time wondered where to buy cold neon? Because if they were concerned about the purchase, and probably already bought it, advertising their business gives them a great influx of customers at all times. So cleave the situation with the ozone layer to normal, and the clients will not run away.

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