From the zoo in Pattaya in Thailand escaped crocodiles

From the zoo in Pattaya in Thailand fled over twenty crocodiles. The incident occurred during heavy rains, significantly raise the water level in the ponds with reptiles.

More than one hundred employees crocodile farm, police and volunteers second day catch them around Pattaya. Animals run away from the tourist zoo Million Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm during a 17-hour downpour that turned streets into rivers resort town of half a meter deep. After the end of the rain Sunday, September 11, the water receded in Pattaya and glass in the sea, but in a more low-lying areas in the huge deep puddles continued into Monday, hampering traffic.

"We were able to catch more than 22 crocodiles. We do not know exactly how many crocodiles were free, but are confident that overfishing them all in the near future, as these animals were born in captivity and do not know how to produce their own food," — said spokesman for the zoo. Rescuers also soothe public information that the largest of the escaped crocodiles, three-meter and 400-pound Chao Yai, which means "Big Boss", has already izlovlen.

The zoo is about 15 kilometers from the center of Pattaya, and between the city center and the location of the zoo area is broad highway connecting the east coast of Bangkok. Police said the road noise is likely to deter yet caught reptiles and to the city, they will not penetrate. Concern is mainly the fact that the zoo is located near a residential area built villas and protected villages. It was there and is the most intensive search, RIA Novosti reported.

Meanwhile, this year's rains have been particularly strong. Resort Pattaya literally went under water, after it threatened East Coast cities were the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea was a mass evacuation of residents. Perished in the raging elements listed 80 people, including one French citizen. No casualties among Russian tourists no data. While weather forecasters warned that heavy rains could cause flooding and local flooding back in the 32 provinces of the kingdom to the First Channel.

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