Frosts in central Russia will gain momentum this week

Frosts in the ensuing week will gradually increase in the central part of European Russia, said the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Weather, gradually lowering the" degree ", maintaining a comfortable temperature, as if giving the opportunity to get used to the inevitable frost" — said in a statement.

If Tuesday thermometers will show 10 to 15 degrees below zero in the north of the district up to 3-8 degrees below zero in the South, on Friday and Saturday in the northeast of the CFD will be 15-20 degrees Celsius and 12.7 degrees — in the south- west.

"People in the region expect quite appropriate calendar Epiphany frosts.'s Just mild discomfort adds southeast wind" — note the meteorologists.

However, on Sunday, the weather in the region will affect the new Atlantic cyclone.

"The weakening cold wind will increase and increase the likelihood of snowfall," — said the weather center.

RIA Novosti

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