Gas KAMAZ — to help Siberians


Industrial and construction company "Siberia" (Novosibirsk) has purchased ten KAMAZ trucks running on CNG.

New KAMAZ trucks are used to transport sand and gravel. According to Dmitry Chervova, CEO of "Siberia-development", part of the concern "Siberia", after the operation of a variety of combined gas-diesel engines at the company came to the conclusion that the most beneficial to use the serial KAMAZ gas engine running on pure methane. Its use allows to save on the cost of transportation.

Despite the fact that the gas of diesel vehicles little expensive, they quickly recouped. Methane — the only type of motor fuel, the price of which is regulated by a 1993 law. The costs are much lower than the cost of diesel fuel, with 1 cubic meter of methane is equivalent to a liter of diesel fuel. Furthermore, deterioration of gas engines KAMAZ necessary to overhaul three times less than the diesel.

Assessing these and other obvious advantages, the management group has decided to buy in the near future, an additional batch of large-KAMAZ trucks with a gas engine for use within the city.

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