GAS on Comtrans’2013

At a time when the "passenger" carefully considered the public news of Frankfurt, "cargo" Autoworld watching another show — the capital Biennale Comtrans'2013. Although our project usually does not pay attention to the trucks passing by this exhibition, we were not able to go: here GAZ presented a whole scattering "passenger" victim!

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 1
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 1


Production of the Gazelle-Next started in spring — Then the workers of the plant presented only korotkobazny truck. A little later came long wheelbase version, which is sold in full, and now the plant is presented with a double cab truck, bus, ambulance and even a new generation of hard workers, "lawn", which got the cab from NEXT.

The new route Gazelle: with ABS and a high ceiling The old route Gazelle actually created out of desperation. Country needed small capacity buses, and the easiest solution was to construct a conventional technique of the van: punch glass, install the seat … The car has turned close and not very comfortable. Full length inside of the bus did not get up, open the door to the passengers themselves. Therefore, when the market appeared massively more spacious vans foreign brands, Gazelle began to take positions.

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 2
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 2

On the usual bus passenger version of the Gazelle-Next is similar enough. Those who are confused nekstovskaya "highbrow", reassured control bus honed in a European polygons together with European experts is so excessive tendency to roll over 18-seater car will not differ. Also, over time, will be optional stabilization system (already working on this gazovskie engineers), so that Nekst will be even safer. Bus production GAZ does not plan to be left to private owners, and will be engaged in the production of passenger cars on their own, in the production of special equipment. Version for urban transport — is only the beginning. Ready commuter option for 18 seats, corporate, tourist and school (pictured — left) bus No. gazovtsy, of course, tried to create a frame-and-panel bus (this technology involves the construction of a special passenger on a body "naked" chassis), but the former generation of "lorry" was not suitable for such purposes — first of all, the car did not have brakes corny! But the latest Gazelle-Nextfor such alterations is ideal, as the design of the chassis was originally designed for the total mass of 4200 kg, which means that the brakes there was sufficient "reserve". The latter, by the way, are equipped with ABS.

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 3
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 3

To not answer the question repeated many times, as arranged Gazelle-Next, gazovtsy brought to the exhibition "dissect the chassis": say, look, learn, draw your own conclusions. Yellow, by the way, are painted with anti-roll bars, which are not always seen on commercial vehicles! Is a passenger Nekst on technology "large buses": the chassis is mounted steel frame on which are hung from galvanized steel panels (hood and side panels) and plastic (fenders, front and rear panels, roof). Other signs of "real buses" also contains: front hinged door — electric, cabin height — an impressive 190 cm above the chairs "stretched" handrails. Themselves seats — 18, plus one person can ride standing up. However, this is only the passport … In fact, there may be a person of 7-8! But gazovtsy it safe and certified a car to transport 19 passengers.

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 4
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 4

Inside the minibus — 18 seats, the distance between the seats (all of which are in the course of the movement) — very impressive. Rare for city buses! To warm the spacious interior, installed 2 additional "stove." The driver is separated from the passenger partition. The rest — no different from the usual nekstovskogo interior. Gear stick looks archaic, but surveys of owners and drivers Gazelles have shown that such a decision they like more than the joystick on the front panel. Two doors in the bus (both — on the right side), but the back is just an emergency exit and therefore not equipped with electric Interestingly, especially for bus engineers at Cummins «reflash" the 120-horsepower diesel engine, "locked up" the engine for the "Stop &Movement in traffic jams. " Also here for the first time used the new gearbox! The one you have been waiting gazelisty: with intermediate bearing shafts, bearings, high load capacity and increased width of gear rims, designed for 330 Nm of torque. In a series of bus going in the fall. Thus the price of the basic version will be 985,000 rubles. For comparison, the 20-seat minibus based Mersedes Sprinter van the previous generation (it also produces GAS) available at 1,544,000 rubles. As they say, feel the difference.

New life of old "lawn" Remember, we told about the multi-purpose truck Ermak? In short, the story is as follows. On the chassis 'lawn' (officially called the medium-duty trucks GAZ-3309), engineers have set up the cockpit of the Valdai (read — from Gazelle) and the chassis itself peretryahnul order by modernizing outdated components. And Ermak reached the conveyor! Rather, almost got: Start of production is planned for the second half of 2014. In this case, the concept has changed … And the name of another — Lawn-Next.

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 5
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 5

Title Lawn-Next — preliminary. It is possible that for the production cars will come up with another "commodity name." Although the public Comtrans new name for medium-duty sincerely rejoiced: is not the first decade of the people gazovskie trucks are called "lawn"! First, the cabin is now not on the Valdai, and from the Gazelle-Next — a more modern and spacious, which is docked to the plastic front. Second, a series of still goes only option (although originally planned a family cars): rear-wheel drive, load capacity — 5 tons. Engine — at the choice of either Cummins, or JAMZ-534, which has passed its baptism of fire under the hood of a sports Sadko Silk Way Rally. Transmission — new, with synchromesh on all levels.

In general, the new medium-duty fine differs from the previous "turf." And it's not in appearance! The new braking system with disc mechanisms on all wheels, designed for truck gross weight of 12 tons (that is, with a significant margin), new front suspension, steering system of integral type … Plus rigid chassis, maintenance-free shaft drive and a host of other, less visible but important innovations.

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 6
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 6

That is the new gearbox, which is so ask factory workers gazelisty! The main differences of the new unit are listed on the slide, and on the add that such transmission has already started to put on the Gazelle-bus. In the near future, the long-awaited new to get all the NEXT. The idea is that after the new box should appear more powerful versions of the Gazelle-Next Design more will not change — it's the final version. And pay attention to the bumpers! Asnrosili our readers, they were made of metal. At first conveyor residence will receive a standard and long wheelbase versions. Then you will see the version with all-wheel drive, which will replace the utilitarian Sadko. And there is an option with double cabin, which is so loved utilities. About the price — as long silence.

And whole scattering of new products Cabin on the row Lawn-Next will be placed on the 7-seater Gazelle-Next, you just presented to Comtrans. Such a machine could take six passengers (excluding the driver) and 1300 kg of cargo. In the former Gazelle was just 2 doors (and one passenger seat less), which created some discomfort during landing, the landing. Next Utility has three doors: the right side has a separate passengers back row. Another "trick" the machine — transformable rear seat, which is easily converted into a full bed. The long-awaited decision, given that the Gazelle is used for the "long battle".

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 7
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 7

Gazelle-Next Double Cab. What is missing — it vnutrisalonnoe mirror on the windscreen to keep an eye on fellow travelers Legroom rear passengers is enough. In the photo — Standard rear seat, "sidushka clamshell" that turns into a bed is available for a fee pleasant change and ambulances. They will not build from the van, and on the bus frame-panel technology. The photographs clearly shows how spacious compartment was for doctors: you can not bend down his head! And climb into a much more convenient — you walk here and not clamber. There are other good doctors innovation. In particular, a complete step back (which lacks the current Gazelle) and hatches through which you can get the equipment without having to go inside the machine.

  • New Gazelle-bus.  Really Learned?  - Photo 8
  • New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 8

Next-ambulance looks very impressive — this car is hard to miss in a stream or confused with normal minibus. In this timeless features the old "ER" — rusty doors and bumpers, sagging springs — a new generation of medical devices gazovskoy should not go: in the car to make maximum use stainless materials, and the suspension is designed in such a way as to simultaneously eliminate excessive shaking and sinking under the weight of heavy medical equipment from other novelties note Next-dump (he trilateral unloading, which can be controlled using the remote controller) and the prototype of the new Sable. Gazovtsy also presented the "new four-wheel drive" for the current generation of Sables and gazelles. Instead of «full-time», permanent all-wheel drive — now «part-time», rear-wheel drive and front end rigidly connected. With the plug "limber" technique for off-road should be safer, more economical and much quieter.

Alexei Kovanov
Photo by the author and GAZ Group

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