Gays have raged

Protesters against the law on same-sex marriage in Paris dispersed with tear gas


Hundreds of thousands of people — conservative activists, children, senior citizens and priests — took to the streets of Paris, thus expressing their opposition to the bill on "Marriage for All".

March 25, 2013, 02:39

Last month, the lower house of the French parliament adopted a law allowing marriage and same-sex couples to adopt children, the document is now pending in the Senate. In both houses dominated by the Socialist Party President Francois Hollande.

The people at the rally were brought by buses from other cities and regions of France. The initiators of the protests made conservative opposition (rather large in this traditionally Catholic country) on the success of previous actions: after the January march strongly support the bill down. Organizers of Sunday's performances were hoping that it will affect the decision of the Senate.

The first few hours of the protest was quite peaceful, but "behind the curtain" about a hundred young men tried to break into the Champs Elysees through police barricades. Law enforcement officers were forced to use tear gas, and other demonstrators seized the moment and filled the avenue through the side of the street.

At a rally attended by about 300 million people according to official data, and organizers say that at least 1.2 million protesters started with the slogan "Resign Hollande!" And ended the French anthem, the "Marseillaise."

Two people have been arrested, no one was hurt.

Opinion polls show that most French people support same-sex marriages are allowed in ten European countries and several U.S. states. However, with much less enthusiasm in France related to the adoption of children by such couples.

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