Gazprom commissioned Bovanenkovskoye field on the Yamal Peninsula

In Yamal, today hosted the event truly historic proportions — "Gazprom" has commissioned one of the world's largest deposit of oil, gas and condensate — Bovanenkovskoye.

Projected gas production from the field is estimated at 115 billion cubic meters a year. In the long term, annual gas production to increase to 140 billion cubic meters, the press service of "Gazprom".

Drilling of production wells in the field is domestic rigs fifth generation "Catherine".

For the extracted gas to the Unified Gas Supply System / ESG / Russian gas giant is building the gas transportation system with a total length of 2 451 thousand km, including a new transportation corridor "Bovanenko-Ukhta." The first string of the gas pipeline system / SMG / already built, and "Gazprom" has begun its process gas filling.

Work on the construction of the second line of "Bovanenkovo-Ukhta" has already begun, it will be put into operation in stages in 2013-2015. It is assumed that in the future the Yamal gas pipeline system will be a key link in ESG and will transport gas from fields in the peninsula in the amount of more than 300 billion cubic meters a year.

Bovanenkovskoye field was discovered Oct. 7, 1971. Is unique on the identified hydrocarbon reserves. Current recoverable reserves are: gas — 4.9 trillion cubic meters of oil — 5.7 million tons of condensate — 111,700,000 tons. Situated on the Yamal Peninsula, 340 km from the village of New Port. Named in honor of Vadim Dmitrievich Bovanenko / 1930-1968 /, the head of the trust "Yamalneftegazrazvedka" engineering geophysics, the inventor's land seismic boom, one of the organizers of the first systematic study of complex subsurface Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

The Governor of the Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin today met with the widow of the legendary Vadim Bovanenko. Sylvia Matveevna Leonidova is now retired and lives in Moscow. She arrived on the Yamal Peninsula especially on the occasion of the start field, called her husband's name on the invitation of Dmitry Kobylkina.

"One of the largest fields in the Yamal is named after Vadim Dmitrievich Bovanenko — talented, motivated geophysics, through which we are now the northern edge dynamically develops. His world-famous opening Urengoyskoye, Gubkin, Polar, Novoportovskoye Taz fields, his meritorious deeds are inscribed in gold in the history of the autonomous region, in Russia's history, the history of world exploration, "- said Dmitry Kobylkin.

The guest stressed comfortable the conditions under which gas producers working today. At the time when her husband from Salekhard went on expeditions to the peninsula of such conditions, she said, and it was impossible to imagine.

Bovanenkovskoye oil and gas field, according to the governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, is "to be exemplary."

"Bovanenkovskoye field will be a major step in the development of resources in the Arctic region, in the development of its infrastructure — the governor said in an interview with Trend. ITAR-TASS. — We all need to recognize that the Arctic — is a special place, requiring not only a balanced and wise decisions but also mutual trust, which can be achieved only through cooperation.

On the Yamal Peninsula and adjacent areas open 32 deposits, the total reserves of 26.5 trillion cubic meters of gas, about 1.64 billion tons of oil and condensate. The largest natural gas reserves of the Yamal fields is Bovanenkovskoye — 4.9 trillion cubic meters. It is expected that the annual production from the fields of the peninsula by 2020 will reach 350 billion cubic meters.




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