Gazprom — gasification of Perm region

"Gazprom" is a lot of work on the development of the Unified Gas Supply System in the province. In 2008-2012, the volume of capital investments of the company (including its subsidiaries) in the region amounted to 12.7 billion rubles.

These funds were used, including, for the reconstruction of the main gas pipeline "Chusovoi — Berezniki — Solikamsk" branch pipeline "Okhansk — Kirov" and other gas transportation capacity.

During a working meeting between Alexey Miller Chairman of the Board and the Governor of the Perm region Viktor Basargin dealt with the gasification of the Perm region. It was noted that in 2006-2012 for this purpose "Gazprom" has sent more than 2.2 billion rubles. These funds, in particular, were built 18 inter-settlement gas pipelines with a total length of over 211 km. In turn, the Government provided the edge prepare consumers for gas.

By working together penetration in the Perm region in 2006-2012 grew by 5.3% on January 1, 2013 amounted to 66.9% (average 64.4% for Russia).  

In 2013, "Gazprom" plans to invest in the development of gasification edge of 500 million rubles., Including, for the completion of construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) to continue the construction of the two buildings and the end of one set of storage and regasification of LNG. Funds will also go to the start of construction and completion of the construction of three of four inter-settlement gas pipelines.

Alexey Miller and Viktor Basargin also reviewed the implementation of the project in the Perm region on the use of compressed natural gas as a motor fuel. The project is being prepared for the start of construction in Perm two CNG filling stations (CNG). Already developed feasibility studies, carried out survey work, obtained the technical specifications for connection to the gas supply CNG. Currently, in the Perm region are seven CNG stations of "Gazprom", two of them — in Perm.

Special attention was paid to the need to meet consumer debt Perm region for the gas supplied. As of June 1, 2013 arrears exceeded 1.6 billion rubles. The main debtors are companies utilities complex.

Cooperation Agreement between OAO "Gazprom" and the Administration of Perm Region signed in 2010, the Accord on Gasification — in 2003.

"Gazprom" is working on taking the motor fuel market to a new level. In the Russian Regions Gasification Program, as well as all the agreements signed with the subjects of the Russian Federation, include a mandatory section on the development of regional markets for natural gas vehicles. The gasification program in 2013 provides for an investment of 1 billion rubles. the construction of new CNG filling stations and gas supply vehicles.

To increase the effectiveness of the strategy of "Gazprom" in the development of NGV market a specialized company — OOO "Gazprom gas fuel." It consolidates the relevant core assets "Gazprom".

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