Gazprom has received first gas in Bangladesh

  • "Gazprom" has received first gas in Bangladesh
  • "Gazprom" has received first gas in Bangladesh

The company Gazprom International — a subsidiary company "Gazprom" — the test wells "Shrikail-3" in Bangladesh. During the test, the maximum flow was obtained in the amount of 413 thousand cubic meters of natural gas per day, the company said. After completion of all tests is planned to complete construction of the well and move the rig to the next drilling point — on the field Begumgandzh.


Well drilling contract with companies BAPEX and BGFCL / SGFL conducted since the beginning of March 2013. By now completed drilling of two wells — "Shrikail-3" / Depth 3.35 thousand meters / and "Titas-20" / depth of 3,532 thousand meters /.

As previously reported, Gazprom International signed in April 2012, two contracts for the design and construction of 10 wells with subsidiaries of SC oil, gas and mineral resources of Bangladesh / PetroBangla / — BAPEX and BGFCL / SGFL. The contract with BAPEX involves the drilling of five wells, four of which are located on the Titas field, one — on the field Rashidpur. The contract with BGFCL / SGFL also involves the drilling of five wells — one on deposits Semutang, Begumgandzh, Shrikail and two wells in the field Shahbazpur.

Bangladesh needs to increase its own production of natural gas. To date, the country's annual demand of 21 billion cubic meters of gas, which is used in power plants and factories for the production of mineral fertilizers.

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