GC PSM created a pumping station for the AIC


Specialists SC "industrial machinery" developed a range of modern pumping stations for irrigation for agricultural mobile pumping units.

This analogues produced earlier SNP stations, and special facilities for all types of front and circular sprinklers, sprinklers drum, drip irrigation systems, the press center of the Civil Code "PSM".

The advantage of apparatus manufactured GC "PSM" before foreign analogs is the reliability and maintainability in combination with a relatively low cost. Creating a competitive Russian irrigation equipment, adapted to work in this country — that is the main task of the domestic producers of agricultural machinery. Already, SC "PSM" has developed more than 130 models with capacities up to DNU 6000 m3/hr and pressure up to 1000 m for each irrigation system on a specific agricultural enterprise "PSM" is ready to offer the pump unit with optimal performance.

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