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On how to neutralize the Americans developed space battle stations, as it is now developing Russian industry in the field of electronic warfare, what properties should the modern electronic warfare systems that are installed on a promising military equipment, in an interview with RIA Novosti, Alexei Panshin told the chief designer of systems and electronic warfare Deputy General Director of JSC "Concern Radio-electronic technology," Yuri Majewski.


Analysis of the armed conflicts of recent decades shows that electronic warfare (EW) is becoming one of the key elements of modern warfare. Organizational EW is an integral part of, or the technical basis of information warfare combatants.

Modern EW equipment designed to operate both on land and in space, not only able to temporarily disrupt the operation of electronic systems by jamming enemy, and completely destroy them.

On how to neutralize the Americans developed space battle stations, as it is now developing Russian industry in the field of electronic warfare, what properties should the modern electronic warfare systems that are installed on a promising military equipment, in an interview with RIA Novosti, Alexei Panshin told the chief designer of systems and electronic warfare Deputy General Director of JSC "Concern Radio-electronic technology," Yuri Majewski.

Now being developed for the Air Force planes of the 5th generation, for the Navy — submarine of the 4th and 5th generations. And if developed EW systems for this technology, and how they will be fundamentally different from the existing ones?

— The question of future developments is closed. But if you're interested, or is not, it is, of course, the main criteria and distinctive features should be the efficiency, reliability, longer service life and so on. All the differences that will have electronic warfare systems for the protection of promising submarines and aircraft systems 4 and 5 generations, lies in the fact that they will have to ensure effective control of potential enemies in the next 25 years.

Accordingly, they will be different broadband and range.

Whether created in RF EW equipment, allowing to neutralize the space battle station, the creation of which still do not give the U.S.?

— This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation. Only when we were talking about that space battle station developed, he said that we will respond appropriately. Of course, work is underway to create a set of tools, including electronic warfare, which will ensure the neutralization of enemy space weapons used. We expect them — they are us, and in this regard, Russia is obliged to deal with these issues. The entire methodology for developing such tools laid the basis of the future — the forms, and ways of dealing with systems that will be at that time. Any country is considering the questions in advance creates a technological advance and develop such systems, which will be able to neutralize all the advantages of advanced equipment, including military space systems.

For example, a technique that exists today, pawned 10 years ago with a forecast that today it would be relevant. Of course, take into account the results of operation, exercise, use the combat experience of conflict, but this is expected. We have to.

When completed state testing complex electronic warfare aircraft "Vitebsk"?

— Tests completed in the near future. Today, all events will take place as planned and successfully. If we talk about the date of the completion of these tests, the end of the year we will carry out. By the term "completion of the tests" should be clearly understood that this process is divided into two components. On the one hand, it is necessary to conduct experiments, and on the other — to prepare all necessary documents, putting the signature of the state commission. Therefore, if we talk about getting an act of the state commission, it will happen, obviously, at the end of this year, and that relates directly to the experiment, it will be a little earlier.

In addition to the "Vitebsk", what other systems are now at the stage of trial? And how many of them?

— Workings enough. More than 12 types that include both aerial and ground systems. Detail about their performance characteristics can not speak, because everything about the development work for the Ministry of Defence, has stamped "Top Secret". I can report that the Group's businesses is the mass production of ground-based jamming, intelligence and control. Also the troops come on-board systems for defense aircraft and helicopters. Concern has delivered the first batch of helicopters — jammers based on the Mi-8 is fundamentally different from its predecessors (Mi-8PP). This technique is capable of providing electronic jamming detection and reconnaissance, as well as the protection of aircraft from hitting all types of aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles.

Is now resumed draft special aviation complex electronic surveillance and control?

— Aircraft of the plan we have, and, of course, the development of this area is planned.

And the result will be a new aircraft or will upgrade an existing system based on the old?

— Upgrade it is impossible, because it all depends on the carrier (airplane). The new carrier imposes different requirements, and we can realize completely different effects EW, so of course we can talk about a promising direction for the development of fundamentally new EW this type. For example, it is no secret that instead of "Prowler" The United States created a "growler" (Electronic warfare aircraft of the U.S. Navy — "EA-18 Growler"),
and we will, of course, to respond adequately to these actions.

Do you think that what the country now belongs to the palm in the area of advanced electronic warfare?

— There is a certain concept of the use of EW and immediately self fulfillment (production) of these funds. Of course, a number of views on electronic warfare we are ahead of the competition. In addition, we are ahead of them and a number of facilities (facilities), but sometimes technology pull us back. Does not always realize what we can, but today this problem is solved, and we are making good progress.

Do persons in the Russian foreign operating time of the creation of new electronic warfare systems, or based solely on domestic Idea?

— In most cases the idea ours, but, naturally, any development of technology, including EW position occurs with comparative analysis. We evaluate and see what is happening on a global scale, and better try to either repeat or pick up, but then again, that we try to solve the challenges we face in the home, because it's national security.

In one of his articles, you said that after 2017, the enterprise will not be able to offer world-class Defence corresponding samples of EW. How are you going to solve this problem?

— Today, a technological advance that has been created by previous generations of scientists and developers who are exhausted. And in order to create a modern electronic warfare equipment, you need some way to go. This is the first concept, the basic research, applied research and development. Today we need to focus on setting within the state defense order research in order to create the future of EW equipment. This problem has already been solved, so by 2017 the gaps in this field will be filled.

What new concern present at the MAKS-2013?

— During the show, we will present, obviously, a number of developments relating to aviation topics, including, perhaps, will be presented to the individual elements of the aviation system "Vitebsk". The fact that it is necessary, what is open, of course, will be presented to us at the air show. Among these new products will be as systems for aircraft and for ground vehicles. These new products, we believe that's enough.

When there is an interdepartmental system of electronic warfare in Russia?

— Such a system already exists in principle. It is growing, and it will depend on those of radio-electronic information systems that appear. The question is that whether we will grow faster pace and some time to be able to work on these systems will be late or can influence them with the lack of efficiency. But the development of the Russian system of electronic warfare is a constant one. Coordinates the work of such inter-departmental commission for planning and coordinating the development of electronic warfare system of the Russian Federation under the chairmanship of the Minister of Defence. I would like to point out that now, in accordance with the decree of the President, the task forces have 70% of new generation technology. She decided today in full, and based on the capabilities of industry, I think that by the year 2020 will be performed. Now this technology in the military about 35%.

What are the difficulties faced by enterprises involved in the development of EW systems?

— Electronic warfare is an integral part of the overall system. Difficulties same. This element base, media electronic systems and it is human resources. In the last 15 — 20 years of technical personnel greatly reduced. Today, universities prefer to study law and economics, and we need engineers, technologists. The personnel issue is not resolved immediately. First you need to learn the specialist, and it is almost 5 years, then make him a scientist, this is from 3 to 5 years.

Therefore, we desired to prepare a specialist to about 10 years.

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