Gennady Stepushkin: I recognize that the player has played a betting against the team — will tear down

[Img =] SKA Rostov again made the crowd of their fans. Once again, as in the past year, the fate of the team was decided in the end of the championship. Once again, the army team with honor out of a difficult situation, saving for the next season in the First Division. Players can finally pay more attention to families who are the eternal roving they hardly ever see. But head coach — a profession that does not recognize the rest. Mentor SKA Gennady Stepushkin all day thinking only about football. Even on his favorite summer residence near Samara — where silence, fresh air and nice bath every athlete. — That I am a person — says 44-year-old Gennady. — The season is over, but you have already thinking about the 2009 championship. Time in football plays a very important role. Miss it, then it can turn into a frustrating for the team. [Cut] [b] On the tournament [/ b] — First Division — heavy competition, one might even say — a test. In fact, as a team we started the season, and completed it at all other players. And even without a huge budget, we have taken a worthy place. I am happy to have worked with these boys. In each match, they fought "from start to finish." Well remembered our Cup battles with the clubs of the Premier League — "Khimki" and "Dynamo". I believe that in these fights, we looked very dignified. Maybe somewhere with Dinamo "burned out", but still these games — a great experience for our players, which is sure to be useful to them in their careers. In the course of the season we have given two players — goalkeeper Igor Usminskogo and defender Vyacheslav Kalashnikov — a Premier League club, Permian "Amkar". Other teams also hold the elite of our guys on the pencil. In particular, Valerie Korobkina. This means that the SKA, as an organism lives and develops. In my view, much solves the atmosphere in the team. When guys believe in the coach, and he in them — you can move mountains! It is this unity has allowed us to save it would have lost the match. How important goals we scored in the last minute! This indicates good physical fitness of players and their character. I thank them for that! [B] On the exit of "Rostov" in the Premier League [/ b] — Congratulations countrymen! I believe that our city has to have a football team in high society. And when the last round of the championship we played against the "Rostov", it was a true celebration of football. I think the audience liked the game, and we did not look at him whipping boys. Just individual excellence "Rostov" was higher. Once again, congratulations to the yellow-blue solution of the problem — access to the Premier League. [B] About Don's football [/ b] — I want to say a big thank you to President SKA Solomin Savvidi that allows our team not only perform adequately in the First Division, but the club is developing its infrastructure. And related to the SKA in the city, I think, is changing for the better. The club are beginning to respect for today's work, and not for past achievements. Army fans — is another story altogether. They supported us all the way back exits — in Khabarovsk, Barnaul … And for his own money. This attitude is expensive. Personally, I like the head coach of SKA are very grateful to our fans. Guys, we have a whole! By the way, in our part of the Rostov more players than the club, which next year will play in the Premier League: Lebedintsev Chechulin, Ivashentsov, Kovneristov, Shkurat … The whole coaching staff — come from our famous school of Olympic reserve (in the past — boarding). With the second team SKA CSKA striker celebrated works, winner of the USSR in 1981, Alexander Vorobyov. We have a mutual understanding with him, we are in close contact. For us is important that the SKA was as much Rostovites. Only in this case, the spirit of the well-known all over the country of the Don of football "does not wear off." [B] About scorer Mazalova [/ b] The other day, a 25-year-old striker, who scored in last season for the SKA 21 goals in the league and became the team's leading scorer, has signed a contract with the "Rostov". — Character at Vartan, of course, not sugar. Sometimes with him was not easy, were conflicts. It can sometimes be short-tempered. But Mazalov — a real leader on the field, can "make" partners. He is a man who is very worried about the result of team play. That's why he was entrusted with the captain's armband. Vartan this season his goals SKA brought a lot of points. Let's see how it will turn out in the "Rostov". I wish him every success. [B] About goalkeeper Nigmatullina [/ b] — When the opportunity to get a shot of this level, I have almost no doubt about it: it is necessary to take!. Over the nearly three years that Ruslan was not playing professional football, he will not get an ounce! He scored a perfect shape, and for the last line I'm almost not worried. And all Ruslan proved that he is not a general wedding, and professional. Its like they say in football, "do not throw them out of the box." Training is over, and it is working, working, working … and guys looking at the zeal of former goalkeeper of Russia, took his example, were drawn to him. I was very pleased to cooperate with Nigmatullin. [B] About fines players [/ b] — Yes, I had to penalize players. I do not like, but you need it — that was a team order. I'm their demands to the players do not change every day. And the perpetrators must be held accountable. To remember that football — is not only a trip to the box office for the premium, but also the discipline. [B] On the bookmakers [/ b] — For all the talk, "bought the game, sold the match" — I do not pay attention. If you immerse yourself in all that, you can go crazy. I prefer everything to prove his team's game on the football field, not outside it. Yes, many players in the Russian play the sweepstakes. I do not think it is shameful — they are in the cards for money are cut, and the casino roulette twist. Everyone is free to manage their own funds at its discretion. But there is a caveat: if I find out that one of my players bet against SKA — immediately tear off his head! However, there are counter-examples. We have a team plays Lech Kostenko. So it almost every exit on the plane or bus takes on a new book. Very interesting conversationalist. Yes, and a good football player. [B] About me [/ b] — My family — a wife Helen and two sons — Dmitri and Anton. His wife works as a teacher in the College of Finance and Economics. Dima — an employee of the regional administration, and Anton studies on the 2nd year in college. I never insisted that the children are sure to players. Although, maybe you would. Especially with regard to youth — he has good data, loves football. But we will proceed in a different way: after college I want to give to a football management. When I come home, Anton me all the latest sports news shows. Will Pope helper! (Laughs).

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