Geologists discovered in Yakutia, a major new facility with 200 tons of gold resources

Geologists have discovered a major new gold-bearing ore on to Mount Swan ore field in the Aldan region of the Republic of Sakha / Yakutia / s probable reserves of 200 tons of gold. It is reported by the Ministry of Economy and Industrial Policy of Yakutia with reference to the first deputy chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Vitaly Kalashnikov.

According to him, three years ago, "Yakutskgeologiya" came out with an initiative to once again search works on Swan Field, hoping to find a non-traditional territory of the gold mining sites. The work was done at the expense of the federal budget.

Geologists are interested in Ore Hill, who remained with uncertain prospects and nedoizuchennoy since the beginning of 2000. Once the content and settings of gold ore bodies geologists have come to the conclusion that the subject deserves attention and further study. Based on the identified prospectivity, prospective reserves of subsurface can be large, Kalashnikov said.
 The next step — evaluation work, which are the prerogative of Rosnedra. In the list of works in 2013 to Mount Ore included. Yakutnedra hold a competition for the right to conduct appraisal work. After 3 years, the winner will have to approve the reserves of the State Commission, after which the field will be traded, which resulted in one of the subsoil will receive a license to develop the field, said Kalashnikov.

As previously reported, on the basis of 2012 gold production in Yakutia increased by 9.6 percent to 21.2 tons compared with 2011. Including the company "Aldanzoloto GRK" / includes in the "Polyus Gold" / gold production increased by 17.1 percent to 4.3 tons.

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