Geophysics get the Chelyabinsk technique

Swamp tractor T-10MB

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (Part of the corporation Uralvagonzavod) ends in October shipment batch technique to two subsidiaries of the company "Geotech Holding."

Under a contract with JSC "Naryan-Mar-seismic" tractor manufacturers have to put 10 cars — 5 swamp tractor and the same bulldozers,
equipped with emergency hatches in the cockpit. 6 units have already been shipped. The remaining four will be sent to the third decade of October. By rail they will be delivered to the port of Arkhangelsk, thence along the Northern Sea Route — in the Nenets Autonomous District.  

Bulldozer B10MB (marsh)

4 more cars waiting in the Irkutsk region, they will be available to Ilimpeiskaya geophysical expedition. Chelyabinsk "forest" bulldozers, equipped with protection from falling trees in the form of a frame structure above the cab, will work on laying the glades required for travel technology and transportation. Chelyabinsk 2 "wood" Bulldozer B-10M geophysical expedition were shipped last month.

Bulldozer B10

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