GEVIT: our equipment produced more than 1.5 million sq.m. slatted floors.

"Ideas and machine work"

The correct approach to the selection of equipment — the key to high profitability. Is no exception — the sphere of animal husbandry, where an important foundation of business success is to equip the production slatted floors.


Slatted floors for Europe and America is the same rate as energy saving equipment, with over 90% of households use the technology. The economic effect is obvious: the use of slatted floors can reduce the cost of water in five, and electricity — twice. There has been a trend and ours: assessing the real benefits of the use of technology, all of the advanced Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian company-producers of pork switched to using slatted floors.

For the production of high-quality slatted floors of concrete must be proven and reliable equipment. The company "GEVIT" (Tula) since 1996, produces equipment for molding concrete with different technologies. Our equipment already produced more than 1.5 million m2 slatted floors in various regions of Russia. Our major projects:

  • JSC "Velikoluksky meat" of 1200 sq.m. slatted floors in the day (4 + installation of concrete mixing equipment)
  • Ltd. "CA" Success "(Tambov) of 1200 m slatted floors in the day (4 + installation of concrete mixing equipment)
  • Ltd. "The District" (Voronezh) performance of 2000 sq.m. slatted floors in the day. (9 + concrete mixing plant equipment included)

Prepares equipment for shipment in Belgorod — plant capacity of 1200 sq.m. slatted floors in the day.

In 2011, the Company supplied equipment is also in Belarus and Ukraine.

Slatted floors, custom equipment company "GEVIT" meet the highest requirements:

  • effective non-slip surface
  • an additional sealing face, which increases the strength of the top layer
  • high strength and resistance to aggressive manure fractions
  • implementation gaps of various sizes on the requirements of livestock
  • the life of the sexes to 20 years
  • Performance of high-quality, flatness products

Semi-automatic plant for the production of slatted floors based installation VUM-8 completely original equipment which can produce slatted floors of any geometry, equipped with an automatic mechanical trowel, which allows to get away from manual work in the most responsible process step — getting the front surface of the floor. Hence — perfectly smooth front surface, the lack of human factors and consistently high quality products.

The company "GEVIT" has developed, manufactures and supplies Plant VUM-8 slatted floors for the full production cycle from raw material (sand, cement, etc.) and preparation of concrete up to the storage and packaging of finished products. The degree of mechanization and automation of all processes m performance is higher than the equipment of the leading companies in Germany, Denmark, France, etc.

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