Global cataclysm is inevitable!

February 2, 2002 I had the opportunity to be a member of an international multidisciplinary conference with the optimistic title "Ethics and Science of the Future", which advocated a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Pavlovich Kurdyumov.

Listening to his emotional report, I did not know that Sergei Pavlovich cancer. And saying this eminent scholar of the high probability of global catastrophe.

I particularly remember how during performances Kurdyumov someone from the audience threw a reply, "What do you frighten us?" While in the hall were mostly scientists. To them in the first place, trying to shout terminally ill scientist. But his report was never published!

Now imagine a continuously running teletype tape with the flow of information.

* Start to raise the average temperature of the atmosphere on a global scale. An increase in temperature is accompanied by weather anomalies, which are observed in all regions of the world … * Key factors influencing the harsh weather anomalies are unknown … * Incredible observed warming in Europe, due to the unusual behavior of the oceans … * Gulf Stream slowed down its course, began to change shape and break . This is what explains the frequent hurricanes, destructive force of a growing … * Home irreversible programmed back in a number of works of Russian scientists a great warm-up of the Arctic Ocean! .. * Weight of ice at the North Pole for the last 35 years has decreased by 40 percent … The same thing happens at the South Pole … * Infinite cyclones move all new warm air masses from the Atlantic and Western Europe to the Urals and Western Siberia … * In Siberia, the temperature will increase much faster. Already, in the south of Western Siberia is the most intense increase in temperature on the planet … * By the end of the century the average annual temperature in Siberia could rise by another 3-5 degrees … * After 20-25 years of summer in Siberia will last 4-5 months, the cold Siberian climate change to a moderately warm and humid … * Warming will lead to the melting of the permafrost in Siberia, into the atmosphere gets a huge amount of methane — one of the major greenhouse gases, which will exacerbate the situation, and in addition may trigger a chain of man-made disasters — the destruction of the oil and pipelines, roads, power lines … * Forecast of humanity should be held with the growth of favorable conditions in Siberia … * The first quarter of the twenty-first century will be a critical period of human history, which will decide the fate of humanity … * The danger of global warming is clearly marked in the international report of Hydrometeorology. Before the Apocalypse remained 1.2 degrees! ..

But as teletype verdict of outstanding Russian scientists.

* "I'm not sure that humanity in general … It will remain stubbornly goes to the edge, where the possibility of self-destruction is real … And I do not really believe that humanity may yet caught on and back off …"

Academician BV Rauschenbach

* "Man, today went to the edge … One false move — and the world can disappear from the face of the earth …"

Academician Nikolai Moiseyev

* "Technogenic civilization led humanity to the global crisis, when it was literally on the verge of self-destruction …"

Academician Vladimir Stepin

* "Due to the passivity of the world community and government inaction leading powers global catastrophe is inevitable."

Professor I. Bestuzhev Lada

* "End of the world will happen soon and suddenly"

Academician Vladimir Zubov

By the way, the aforementioned Vladimir Zubov warned: "The world must prepare for future disasters now!"


But more November 18, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, more than 1600 outstanding scientists of the world, including more than half of the Nobel laureates, issued a stern warning:

"Human society and nature entered a controversy. Human activity has a striking and often irreversible damage to the environment and vital resources. If you do not take control of many of our daily activities, they are seriously jeopardizing the future that we want to human and animal kingdoms, and may so alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the form in which we have it know. Fundamental changes are needed urgently if we are to avoid a collision, which may result from our present course. "

This document further lists the most crises: water pollution, oceans, soil, atmosphere, the extinction of plants and animals, and people crowded planet. In the end it made a strong statement: "There are not more than one or a few decades before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity immeasurably diminished … fundamental changes are needed in our service to the Earth and life on it, if we want to avoid the enormous human suffering and irreparable damage to our common home on this planet. "

The question naturally arises, "What about this warning responded heads of state?"

"In the summer of 1997, President Bill Clinton, having overarching information addressed to the international community with a proposal to create the International Committee for the protection of mankind due to the sharp increase in the number of accidents and natural disasters related to climate change on the planet. But, despite his competence and popularity in the world, was supported by a German chancellor Helmut Kohl and Prime Minister of Japan. However, the military-industrial structure of these countries, who are responsible for public safety, categorically rejected the idea.

Certain structures in the world interested in hiding information about the growing global catastrophe. And this is done ostensibly to prevent possible panic. In fact, even the information on these topics brings a person relief. Thinking, analyzing, drawing conclusions, knowing the way out of the critical situation, the person thus rule out the moment of surprise, is preparing for the inevitable events of consciousness. " (According to the Internet.)

Maybe somehow cost? Yes maybe blow over?

Let us turn to those who are given the gift of foresight.

Avatar Babaji (India): "Some countries are doomed, they have no future. Most of America will be destroyed. Russia will survive the grace of God … Russia has always been protected. In Russia, the peace. "

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), recognized in the West, the greatest prophet of the twentieth century, predicted global turmoil that must take place in the first decade of this century. While in an altered state of consciousness (trance), Casey "bird's eye he saw the American and Japanese coastal cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as Northern Europe lay in ruins." The reason was the huge natural disaster — slip bottom ocean tectonic plates. It should be noted that American scientists have issued a similar forecast of future events. When can this happen? At any time! Likely it is that all this will happen in 2009.

Casey said that the approaching planetary catastrophe will be similar to the partial end of the world. But it will not affect the massive continental plate on which the Russia. "That is it, Russia is destined to be at the origins of a new civilization on this planet."

But it turns out, long before Casey doctor and a great prophet Nostradamus (1503-1566) predicted that "the troubles that threaten humanity bypass Tartarus (Russia) party." It added another great physician and thinker Paracelsus (1493-1541), who predicted that "the people who Herodotus calls Hyperborea … its present name — Muscovy … learns a terrible decline and incredible prosperity. Should not be tempted to the plight of … Hyperborea survive three drops three times will be exalted … in their land … in this very country Hyperborea … shine Grand Cross. This must take place in the year 2041! This cross will see all the inhabitants of the earth. Then return the Golden Age. "

Finally, Max Heindel (1865-1919) almost a hundred years ago, prophetically determined the great mission of Russia in the third millennium. Here is his astrological prediction: "With the entry of Uranus in Aquarius Russian people and the Slavic race as a whole achieved the degree of spiritual development that will propel them far beyond their current state. Spirituality must evolve along with the intellect and through the intellect. The existence of the Slavic civilization will be short, but for its existence, it will be a great and happy, because it is born out of great pain and untold suffering. And the law of compensation will in due time to the opposite. Slavs of a people, who are the last races of the Aryan era. Slavic civilization will be the foundation of the sixth race of mankind. "

In turn, the eminent German philosopher Oswald Spengler visionary (1880-1936) predicted the emergence of a "Russian-Siberian culture."

And our compatriot Daniel Andreev predicted that by the time of a global catastrophe, "all true believers will gather in Siberia …".

By the way, this is his prophecy in some way consistent with other foresight Edgar Cayce, who pointed out that the Earth's civilization will be saved by the Siberian ark, which, according to the world-famous seer Edzhenio Sirokuza, "do not knows the water." And in the ancient Tibetan prophecy right is instructed that "Northern Shambhala (Siberia) will play an important role in saving mankind in judgment time." Moreover, "the millions of people from different countries and continents will move here in search of salvation."

If we turn to the prophecies of Vanga, then in 1979 she painted a picture of the future of our country as follows: "Russia is now called Union. But will return the old Russia, and will be known as the Holy Sergius. All recognize its moral superiority, and America too. " At the same time, Wang foretold, seemed to have the impossible: "Socialism will return, but with a new face. Will again be the Soviet Union, but updated. Will again be the agricultural cooperatives (collective?) … "

Added to this is that Edgar Cayce also predicted the revival of the Soviet Union after 2010.

In view of the above, and in-depth analysis of both the scientific data and information provided by people with hypersensitive abilities projected situation, which will be the most important factor is that within five years all the problems facing mankind, will go on the back burner . The first place will one overriding problem — survival!

Events, most likely, will be developed as follows:

— In 2019 in California (USA) can occur catastrophic earthquake, which completely or partially destroy the West Coast of the United States. Would claim tens of millions of people!

"The consequences of this natural disaster turn into a profound crisis of the financial and economic system of the world that are most likely to destabilize the military-political situation in the world

"- Slows its movement, changing the shape and divided into separate (weak) Gulf Stream finally stops. Consequence of that would be icing Northern Europe, England and the U.S. East Coast. Glaciation will precede devastating hurricanes of great power. Hail, snow and floods will become" commonplace " for all European countries

"- The probability of disastrous earthquakes and volcanic activity in the revitalization of South America, Central Europe, Japan and other parts of the world, which may occur at the end of 2020

"- The accelerating global warming will lead to flooding of vast coastal areas around the world. Hardest hit: West and East coast of the U.S., the Baltics, the southern provinces of China

— The most favorable area of residence, despite the flooding of the Arctic will be in Western Siberia, where he established almost subtropical climate. Western Siberia will become a global breadbasket. Bread and clean water will be the main and most valuable products of livelihood for the survivors after the crash of earthlings, while all the currencies of the world is completely worthless. Western Siberia will become a center of revival of human civilization, here will be moved to the capital of Russia, which later could easily become the capital of the Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics — the new USSR! Yes! It is socialist! As Wang and Casey predicted that socialism will return, but with a "new face." And in the new Union will enter a much larger number of sovereign states. And at the heart of the Union would prevail social justice.

Living religions collapse, the world will be returned to the great universal Vedic Knowledge, which will revive the golden age of the Earth.

Is this all happen? Wait and see!

Although you need to wait, when the clap of thunder? To prepare for these events must now!

Michael Rechkin, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of theoretical problems

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