Global catastrophe — in the USA

In recent years, there was hope that the world barbarian robber U.S. finally completely disappear from the world map, which is not good. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan once again confirm my hypothesis. Because this is a blind prophetess Vanga said when he warned of the terrible future that awaits the world, and that Russia will become a new Noah's ark.

Seismic activity in the world in the 21st century more active and frequent bandit raids on the shores of the ocean U.S. takes the classical form of the exponent. Add to that the faults, where again a U.S. territory in the lead after the Philippines

Statistics Google for "sinkhole" (dips)

1. Tampa, Florida, USA
2. Makati, Philippines
3. Orlando, Florida, USA
4. Austin, Texas, USA
5. Houston, Texas, USA
6. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
7. San — Diego, California, USA
8. Richardson, Texas, USA
9. Los Angeles, California, USA
10. St. Louis, Missouri, USA

California is on the New Madrid possibility of a split which is played up in one of the disaster movies. Cases of mass death of birds recorded there. But special attention should be paid to Florida, Georgia, Missouri and Texas — this is an area in which there is the greatest number of mass destruction. It is not surprising — these places are rich in oil and gas fields, but in the state of Arkansas has several hundred gas wells.

We should also mention the accident at the BP oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico occurred in the spring of 2010. The consequences of this catastrophe and the details are carefully hidden, as the real cause of death of the birds. There are several important points:

1. platform drilling conducted at the junction of tectonic plates;
2. accident was due to the fact that the bottom valve, designed for multiple overload, did not survive the pressure;
3. Oil seeping not only from the well, and the cracks in the sea floor, some of which are located at a distance of 11 km from the accident site.
From this we can conclude that the accident occurred on a platform of BP due to a catastrophic increase in pressure in the well by stretching * crust.

Quote from the western media about the increase of earthquakes in Arkansas:
"… The number of earthquakes that rocked the Guy, Arkansas has increased from about 179 earthquakes a year to over 600 in 2010, according to the AGS. Around 500 of these have occurred in the past four months. During the same period in 2009, only 38 were registered tremors. theoretically possible that there is a correlation between earthquakes and the New Year surge of rain of dead birds and fish kill in the Arkansas River … "

Of work Syvorotkin VL:
"Seismicity and degassing. Important results were obtained during the Dagestan earthquake May 14 1970. It was found that the gas-hydrodynamic earthquake excitation covers an area of tens and hundreds of thousands of first square kilometers, and we are interested in the content of the main gas — hydrogen may increase with a 5-6 orders of magnitude.
As a result, long-term monitoring revealed two types of behavior of helium in connection with seismic events. The first (ground in the Pamirs), characterized by a sharp decline in the concentration of helium after the seismic event. Second (Armenia), the reverse pattern is different, that is, positive sharp jump this concentration. Both types, however, is characterized by a marked increase in the concentration of helium to seismic event, in the first type, this growth is greater and there is an average of 12 days, and the second type as strong growth, but noted a few months before the earthquake. "

It makes sense to comment on the writing. Why hydrogen and helium? And because the inside of the Earth is exactly the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium, which occurs within the core of the Sun. There is no heavy iron core, and there is an inner sun hydrogen synthesis. And that's why the ocean floor is of volcanic origin. Solar system formed by compression of the outer hydrogen under high pressure, and thus the sun and the planets are at the heart of it is the original hydrogen. And much of the hydrogen in the synthesis process to obtain all the other elements of the periodic table and discarded as surplus synthesis to the surface through a hole in the earth's crust, which operate according to the type of safety valves for steam boilers. This can also be explained by a decrease of the world's fresh water and climate change. Planet increases in size and surface water is becoming less and less. Kara Kum desert, was once a seabed. From the north, from the North Pole could be free to sail to the South Pole on the boat, and now we can not, and somewhere over 4500 years ago, Antarctica was covered with ice shell. At the site, which today houses the state France was once a sea.

Unusual radar readings

During the bird deaths in Arkansas weather radar recorded something very similar to the flow of gas nearby, although meteosluzhaschy claims that it may have a flock of birds.
Why gas emissions are not visible on the radar regularly if they happen everywhere. The fact that the radar is fixed reflection, and it does not form a gas and tend to remain invisible to radar. In order to be visible to the radar it should be a gas or with the appropriate temperature causes condensation, or water content, or the reaction of hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen, in this case, a system evacuation and condensation of water vapor. Evacuation itself, in theory, can cause rapid death of one-stage flocks with similar symptoms.

Summing up

Based on these facts, there is every reason to believe that the unexplained mass death of animals, climate change and the increasing natural disasters throughout the world have the same roots, and in general should pay attention to the alarmingly growing processes in the Earth's crust, which has serious disasters in the near foreseeable future, and perhaps even are signs of impending disaster lithosphere.

This was, in part, in an address to the UN independent organization "Scientists Without Borders":
"… Disturbing facts about sudden acceleration (more than 500%) of the drift of the north magnetic pole of the Earth since 1990, not only have disastrous consequences for the global climate change, but also showed significant changes in the energy processes in the inner and outer core responsible for formation of the geomagnetic field and the endogenous activity of the planet.

Role in shaping the environment of the magnetosphere of the Earth has been scientifically proven. Parameter changes of the geomagnetic field and magnetosphere, can lead to a redistribution of areas of origin of cyclones and anticyclones, and therefore affect the global climate change.

Natural disasters, in a short time, can lead to disastrous consequences, whole regions of the world, carry the lives of many people to leave large areas of the population without shelter and livelihoods, destroy the economy of states and cause large-scale epidemics and serious infectious diseases. At present, the international community is not ready for such a possible development of the situation. Meanwhile, in the geological life of our planet repeatedly observed a significant increase in endogenous periods of activity and another such period, as shown by many geological indicators already come … "

Compiled based on discussion of the causes of mass death of animals on site JCE planet.

Author: Vladimir Kurbatov (nickname Eliasg) with the participation and support of Olga Mikhailova (nickname Adamant) and Boris Kapochkina

Well, that is interesting enough to material to which must be added the possible release of the giant Yellowstone volcano
Yellowstone National Park, famous for its forests, grizzly bears and hot springs, is actually a bomb that will explode in the coming years. If this happens, it may perish all the North American continent. And the rest of the world will not find it.
It began, verily all with joy. In 2002, the Yellowstone both scored some new geysers with healing hot water. Nye local travel agencies immediately hyped advertising of this phenomenon, the number of visitors to the park, which is usually about three million people per year, increased even more.

However, it soon became strange things happen. In 2004 the U.S. government to tighten visit the reserve. Its territory dramatically increased the number of guards, and some areas were declared closed to the public. But they often scientists, seismologists and volcanologists.

Scientists are worried. One after another, the park began to go and see the commission to study volcanic activity. What are they dug, the general public is not informed, but it is known that in 2007, in the Office of the President of the United States was created by the Scientific Council, endowed with extraordinary powers. It includes several leading geophysicists and seismologists country, and members of the National Security Council, including the minister of defense and intelligence officials. Monthly meetings of this body headed personally by George Bush.

In the same year the National Yellowstone Park moved from departmental subordination of the Ministry of Interior under the direct control of the Scientific Council. Why would such attention of the American authorities to simply resort?

And the thing is, that the ancient and thought to secure supervolcano, which is Xanadu, suddenly showed signs of activity. Zabivshie miraculously springs and became its first manifestation.

More — more. Seismologists have found a sharp rise in the reserve of the soil. Over the last four years of its vspuchilo by 178 centimeters. Despite the fact that over the last twenty years, the rise of ground was not more than 10 centimeters.

To seismologists joined mathematics. Based on information about previous eruptions of Yellowstone volcano, they have developed an algorithm of its life. The result was shocking.

Geological Society of America was waiting for him to wake no earlier than 20,000 years. But based on the new data, the computer gave an unexpected result. Following the disaster should be expected in 2075. But after a while it became clear that things are moving much faster. The result had to be adjusted again. Terrible date approached. Now she looms between 2012 and 2016, the first digit appears more likely.

The look of these explosions? Reduce the pressure of the magma into a thin surface of the earth is gradually increasing. Forms a hump height of several hundred meters and a diameter of 15-20 kilometers. On the perimeter of the hump there are numerous vents and fissures, and then the entire central portion of falls down into the fiery abyss. Rock collapsed dramatically as the piston being pushed out of the depths giant fountains of lava and ash.

The strength of the explosion exceeds the charge of the most powerful nuclear bomb. According to the calculations of geophysicists, when Yellowstone blows mine, the effect will exceed one hundred Hiroshimas. Calculations, of course, purely theoretical. During the existence of Homo sapiens never with such a phenomenon not experienced. Last babahnulo during the time of dinosaurs. Perhaps because of this, they became extinct.

How will it be
A few days before the explosion, the crust of supervolcanoes rise by several meters. In this case, the soil is heated to 60-70 degrees. In the atmosphere, would dramatically increase the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and helium.

The first thing we see — the cloud of volcanic ash, which rises into the atmosphere to an altitude of 40-50 kilometers.

Toss the pieces to great heights. Falling, they will lay a huge territory. In the first hours of a new eruption in the Yellowstone area will be subject to destruction in a radius of 1000 kilometers around the epicenter. Here in immediate danger residents are almost all American northwest (Seattle) and parts of Canada (Calgary, Vancouver).

In an area of 10,000 square kilometers will rage hot mud flows, called pyroclastic surges — the product of death-bearing eruption. They arise when the pressure spurting lava high into the atmosphere will weaken and fall of the column of the area a huge avalanche, burning everything in its path. In the pyroclastic flows of this magnitude would be impossible to survive. At temperatures greater than 400 degrees human body simply cooked, the flesh separates from the bone.

Hot manure will kill about 200,000 people in the first few minutes after the start of the eruption.

But it is — very little loss compared with those that America will suffer from a series of earthquakes and tsunamis that provoke an explosion. They will kill tens of millions of lives. This is assuming that the North American continent does not go under the water, as Atlantis.

Soviet scientists once predicted that the worst effect of global nuclear conflict would be the so-called "nuclear winter." The same thing happens in the explosion supervolcano.

Two weeks after the sun had hidden in clouds of dust, the air temperature at the earth's surface will fall in different parts of the world from -15 degrees to -50 degrees or more. The average temperature at the Earth's surface is about 25 degrees.

Winter will continue for at least a half. This is enough to forever change the balance of nature on the planet. Because of the long cold and the lack of light will be lost vegetation. Since plants are involved in the development of oxygen, very soon, all the inhabitants of the planet breathing becomes difficult. Fauna of the earth will be painfully die from cold, hunger and disease. The human race will have to move from the ground to the underground, at least three, and then who knows …

As for public notification, the authorities acknowledged these actions inappropriate. Well, in fact, it is a sinking ship can be saved, and then not always. But where to go with the broken and burning of the continent?

In any case, the conclusion reached by the Scientific Council at the President of the United States. Output, according to the figures contained in it, one — stop most of the population to its fate, and to attend to the conservation of capital, the military potential and the elite of American society. So a few months before the explosion will take out of the country's top scientists and the military, experts in high technology, and, of course, rich. There is no doubt that each billionaire reserved a place in the future ark. But the fate of ordinary millionaires guarantee anymore. They will save themselves.

Actually, the above information has become known thanks to the efforts of the American scholar and journalist Howard Huxley, which handles the Yellowstone volcano from the 80s, has established contacts in circles geophysicists, as many well-known journalists have been linked to the CIA and is a recognized authority in the scientific community.

To understand what the country is heading, Howard and his colleagues established the Fund save civilization. Their purpose — to warn mankind of the impending disaster and to give everyone a chance to survive, not just the elite.

For several years, the Foundation co ¬ nicknames dug a lot of information. In particular, they figured out exactly where Dep ¬ vyatsya cream of American society after the disaster.

Island to rescue them will be in Liberia, a small West Africa countries are opposed to the traditional following in the wake of American poly ¬ tics. For several years in this country are massive cash infusion. It built a network of fine roads, airports, and is said to have an extensive system of deep, very comfortable bunkers. In this hole the American elite will be able to sit out a few years, and then, when the situation is stabilized, begin to rebuild the destroyed state and its influence in the world.

Therefore, in 2003 and applied to pre-emptive strikes on a number of Muslim countries to destroy their military capabilities. A time to the American military machine to neutralize these threats before 2012, God knows.

Formed a circle. Due to the aggressive policy, detractors have States are increasing, and the time to neutralize them is running out.

There is no doubt that before the United States will cause a global catastrophe preemptive nuclear strike on Russia, based on its military doctrine. From the outside it looks like a global natural disaster in Russia. Amerikosy but first need to take out Peter collection of plants and seeds Vavilov, that after the nuclear winter was something to restore the nature of the land. This collection there are no prices, so today we have to carefully watch how will try to bring out a collection of Vavilov country, those who hope to hide from the nuclear winter in the bunkers of Liberia and Antarctica. The same would be nice to look at the place, where Abramovich digs deep pits and underground bunkers. Abram is not the guy who so easily give themselves buried under the rubble of a building in London. Moreover, their friendly relationship with Putin suggests that the bunker will dig Abram, not only for themselves but also for drugana, and with his help and support possible.

First question — where rats all over the world, that is, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Warburg, Abramovich, Berezovsky, etc. from all over the world, and especially the Rothschilds, and from our side Abramovich tear deep cellar?

The second question — how will the Vavilov collection exported from the country, under any pretext, in what direction, by whom and with whom of the escorts?

The third question — when all this riffraff stir? Japan calls the first, second bell, as in the theater before the show — a wave of orange revolutions in the Arab world. What will be the third call, on which the whole rat pack slips away, and we expect the head of the atomic bombing?

And most important — our national leader of the country, he is our Russian, a national leader?

Anatoly Kopyev
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