Global warming threatens the extinction of many species of living beings



Many species of plants and animals may be on the verge of extinction in the near future if not taken any serious action against global warming. If you do not take the necessary measures, about half of the plants and animals disappear third in most places on the planet by 2080. According to Rachel Warren of the University of East Anglia, this loss can lead to local extinction of some species.

The study, published May 12, researchers examined the impact of global warming on the fifty thousand different living organisms around the world. The study used a computer model which calculates the offset of the different climatic zones as well as the possible impact on the animals and plants in a given region.

In many cases, these changes can cause extinction of living beings as well as increasing the temperature can cause the animals to move in the directions of the plants, which can be dangerous for them. For example, according to Warren, the animals can start to move to the oceans or the peaks of the mountains, where they are driven by the same danger, can not see the other.

In their studies, Warren studied only the most common species, as it was important for the overall picture. And if you take into account also the already endangered species, the situation is even more sad. The study also does not account for the interaction of plants and animals, which in turn can influence the course of events.

However, it is too late to try to change something in the situation and try to prevent massive loss of members of certain species. The study showed that if by 2017 emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere will be reduced by 60 percent, these losses can be avoided.

Given that some species will be more hardy, Warren, however, said that in the first place she wants to convey a message that global warming affects most of the living organisms on Earth. However, she tries to avoid the use of such striking examples of reducing the population as polar bears or Ussuri tiger.

If you slow down the process of global warming can not be in nature will be both winners and losers. But if the negative processes could still be to suspend or slow down, the losers in the race for survival will be much less.


S. Vasilenko

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