Good night, kids! (All Series) for kids … watch online

Good night, kids!  (All Series) for kids ...  watch online
Transmission "The measured night, kids!" — A unique phenomenon in television. The program has been around since September 1964. She never stopped withdraw on the air and has always been a popular destination.
Thought transmission as a parable for night. And immediately at applets got its own voice, its own unique song "Dremlyut tired toys", lulling children. The music for the lullaby written by composer Arkady Ostrovsky, poetry — the poet Zoya Petrova, and sang a lullaby Oleg Anofriev, a bit later — Valentine Tolkunova. At first transmission aired in the pictures with narration. Later, there were puppet shows and small little pieces for kids, played by actors of the Moscow Art Theater and the Theater of Satire.

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