Greatest puzzles that can be easily explained

Mysterious events that occur in the world are not all that mysterious, and when you look at them from the point of banal logic and common sense. Here are some great mysteries along with their simple, logical explanations.

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart

For the past 75 years, researchers and ordinary people who love all the mysterious and interesting attempt to answer the question: Where did Amelia Earhart? Amelia Earhart — a famous American writer and aviator. She was the first woman has flown the Atlantic. Wishing to re-enter into the history of aviation, Earhart decided to go to air travel around the world with a total length of 29 000 miles. July 2, 1937 the plane Earhart disappeared in an unknown direction. Shortly before the disappearance of Earhart left a radio on bad weather conditions. The plane was found.
There are many versions of extinction pilots. For example, some researchers have speculated that Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan were forced to land in Japan, where they were arrested, interrogated and executed by the Japanese. There is also the assumption that Earhart was a spy of President Roosevelt, and that she did not die, but live to old age in New Jersey. Other researchers, whose imagination is not as well developed, suggested that the pilot deliberately fell into the Pacific Ocean Vedas for an unknown reason.

A simple explanation

Surprisingly, part of the remains, which is very likely belonged to Amelia Earhart, was found on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Examination showed that the remains belonged to a white woman, whose dimensions match the size of Earhart. In addition, next to the remains found a pocket knife, a broken piece of the beautician and windshield aircraft. Lovers of conspiracy theories is not confused, so talk about the "mysterious disappearance" of Amelia Earhart not stopped to this day.

Ghost ship "Mary Celeste"

In 1872, the ship "Mary Celeste" was discovered in the sea without people on board. On board the ship was not found anyone, neither the living nor the dead bodies. The ship was not robbed, as all things of the crew were on board, including the securities. Apparently, things were there, where they left the hosts, they had not been touched. The impression that the crew simply disappeared.
The disappearance of the crew of "Mary Celeste" is not only one of the most mysterious events at sea. This event was the impetus for the worn around all the famous Bermuda Triangle.
How, then, could disappear the entire crew of the ship? Who stole them? Ghosts? Aliens? Sea monsters? Pirate attack is possible because we know that all the values are still in place and on board the ship have found no signs of a struggle. Also found that the path of the ship did not get into the storm.

A simple explanation

Somehow, the mysterious lovers forget about one thing: The vessel is carrying a barrel in 1701 with alcohol, but nine of them were empty. Perhaps you think that the team went through alcohol and decided to take a dip? It sounds funny, but it was hardly the case.
Dr. Andrea Sella, a chemistry professor at University College London also suggested that the reason for the disappearance of the crew of "Mary Celeste" was alcohol, but not passed in, and blow up and scare the team. In 2006, Professor reconstruct events on the "Mary Celeste", a hole in the nine containers of alcohol and alcoholic forcing couples to explode with a spark. And guess what, there was a spectacular explosion and the release of the flame, which, however, did not result in a risk of fire and damage.
Most likely on board Mary Celeste was the same. Alcohol leaked from barrels and exploded by a spark or other effects. The explosion startled team that decided to leave the ship and transfer to the boat. What happened next is unclear, but most likely, the boat sank.

Fate of Atlantis

The disappearance of Atlantis scary and reminds us of the possibility of the end of the world, which can happen at any time, for various reasons, from climate change to the invasion of aliens.
According to legend, this legendary island (or peninsula, or even continent), who was in the Atlantic Ocean, one day down on the sea floor along with all its inhabitants. First the Atlantis legend is mentioned by ancient Greek philosophers. The legend says that the Atlanteans, the people of Atlantis were the most advanced civilization on earth. But even they could not cope with the disaster, which claimed the island on the ocean floor.
Unfortunately, the search for Atlantis failed. However, researchers continue to draw maps of Atlantis, the validity of which can neither confirm nor deny.

A simple explanation

Atlantis did not exist. First, the science of plate tectonics eliminates the possibility of leaving the bottom of the sea the whole continent. There is another, more persuasive argument: the ancient Greeks themselves wrote about Atlantis as something not really exist, but how about the island, which existed only hypothetically, by the way, the fate of Atlantis researchers interested only in the period of modern history, no one had talked about Atlantis seriously, including the ancient Greeks.

Tunguska explosion

June 30, 1908 in Siberia, near the Stony Tunguska River explosion of unknown origin. The explosion was so powerful that injured 80 million trees around. According to witnesses the epicenter of the explosion was a luminous object that exploded at a height of 7-10 meters. Interestingly, after the explosion in Europe for several days were observed strange atmospheric phenomena: noctilucent clouds, red or green tint of the sky, very bright at night.
Naturally, the event has acquired a huge amount of instant versions, theories and legends. Who is accused of not only the Tunguska explosion from a meteorite and natural gas before the explosion of bombs, aliens, and even experiments of Nikola Tesla's wireless transmission of electricity.

A simple explanation

Tunguska explosion has been discussed for more than 100 years, and only God knows how many more would have come up with stupid fans of the mysterious and enigmatic, if in 2009, researchers from Cornell University, would not have found at last a reasonable explanation.
Scientists have found that exactly the same "noctilucent clouds", which saw the Europeans after the Tunguska explosion, when you run the space shuttle when emit 300 tons of steam. Researchers concluded that the cause of the Tunguska explosion was an icy comet nucleus in the explosion which vaporized and formed glowing clouds composed of ice crystals, which are formed at low temperatures in the upper atmosphere.

Stonehenge, the pyramids and ancient people, athletes

Britain's Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids haunt the minds of millions of people over a huge number of years. There are many hypotheses about the purpose for which people are erecting these buildings, but an even greater mystery is the very method of erecting the structures. Did ancient people who did not have special equipment to move and lift the stones, building of which the mysterious designs, each of which weighed not less than a ton?
There are many versions and theories about it and, of course, there were those who said that ancient people could not have been able to erect such structures without the help of aliens, or some other higher power.

A simple explanation

Not long ago, one guy decided to build a replica of Stonehenge in their backyard. His name is Val Vallington and whether he is a former construction worker. What do you think he realized his idea, and he built his own Stonehenge itself, without assistance, using stone, wood and the simple laws of physics, which, it seems, knew ancient architects who developed the technique of movement of large objects. The main thing is not power, but knowledge. A small team of experienced workers applying ingenuity and experience, can do much more than an army of athletes. The ancient Egyptians probably loaded boulders barges, barges and then dragged through the water.
But how did they managed to lift the stones to such a height? Fortunately pyramid has form, which is ideal for inclined loading ramp.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unknown world" № 22 2012

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