Habitat — Repair as a natural disaster watch online

Habitat - Repair as a natural disaster watch online
Repair — this whole event. It always short of funds. Almost everyone who starts repair, think about how and what can be salvaged.
But the Law of Cheops — builder of the famous Egyptian pyramids — says no project is completed on time and do not fit into the targeted budget. This rule has been working for several thousand years, but the programm "Sphere habitat" has decided to find a way to break it. And invited the various teams of builders to ensure that they have made estimates for the repair experienced experts in the flat-builder. We'll see what comes of it.
The Law of Cheops says nothing about the situation, which were naive residents of Krasnodar, which decided to redevelop their own apartments and booked for the new walls of aerated concrete blocks in the company of brothers Kazoninyh. We now have defrauded customers one hope — for example program "Scope of habitat."
Vladimirov gathered from Moscow Lena do repairs in his apartment and … vlipla in history. We repair firm, which she paid 453 thousand rubles, did not have enough money even to eat his own foreman. Helms superintendent Lena. And the company was gone together with ee means. We conducted our own investigation. Found the people who took the money from the Lena, and invited them to to make repairs in our editorial. Here we have arranged them to confront with Lena and other victims.
How to save on repairs, do it is excellent and cheap? — Say the builders, foremen, lawyers, economists and police.

Repairs, Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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