Harry Pahanyaila: Deprivation of law license — excommunication from the profession

Guest "Night of Freedom" — a lawyer, human rights activist Harry Pahanyaila.

Topics of conversation — former lawyers Rockets denied licenses, the Ministry of Justice has decided to introduce new requirements for applicants for law license, whether political prisoners remain lawyers?

Sous: Do you agree with the official explanation of the Ministry of Justice, which advocates Tovstik and Garaeva denied licenses for lawyers is that they do not have legal assistance Irina Khalip?

Gaddafi: As far as I am aware of the specific facts, connected,'s legal aid lawyer Irina Khalip, there is far everything is ambiguous. And the procedure is denied licenses lawyers Tolstik and Garaevoy illegal. Even if there were any deviations from the norms of professional ethics, if there were circumstances that led to the suspension of counsel defense, worthy of attention, for example, the pressure from the investigation, any improper conduct on the part of relatives Irina Khalip, they should were to be heard by the Qualification Commission should be listened to explanations of lawyers. And at least we could have done with some disciplinary sanctions, the non-custodial law license. It is, in fact, excommunication from the occupation. And with such a decision by the Ministry of Justice, we do not agree.

Sous: Where can apply for jobs lawyer, devoid of a license?

Gaddafi: Almost — it's like going nowhere. The public service of such counsel will not take, because it dyskredytatsyynaya basis. In private institutions as well — may object executive authorities. Human rights activists volunteer work, work for pay in voluntary associations is almost impossible.

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