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The arrested Sunday at the border of Lithuania and a member of the initiative group BCD Vital Rymasheuski Vadim Kabanchuk February 15 was sentenced to 10 days in the court of the Moscow district of Minsk. And Kabanchuk not condemned for any informational materials, with whom he was arrested and taken to court Oshmyanski, and for participating in the rally on December 19. Moreover, the court in the capital took place in secret, without a lawyer, relatives and friends Kabanchuk.

Vadim Kabanchuk became one of the first Belarusian political prisoners in 1997. Then the Belorussian Polytechnic Academy graduate spent six months in detention — he was accused that he allegedly hit his head policeman during a protest. But the court found that Vadim was just trying to catch his hand policeman who was beaten with batons other protesters. Kabanchuk released from custody in the courtroom, he received a three-year suspended prison sentence of two years. At current time, almost acquittal.

In 2001, Vadim Kabanchuk went to Belgium a few years back. During the 2006 elections, supported Milinkevich. In the elections of 2010 he became a member of the initiative group of Vital Rymasheuski. That's what a Kabanchuk says the former presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski:

It was one of those people, who strongly defended the position that is non-violent resistance.

"This is my friend and one of the best people, one of the few on which you can rely on, whom I trust, like himself. He was one of the first political prisoners. We met and became friends in the days of the "Young Front", where they were together. I know that the path of Vadim daunting and difficult path to his faith in the church. But this man is very courageous and very strong. He was next to me on the square on December 19. It was one of those people, who strongly defended the position that is non-violent resistance. And his support for me was very is significant. "

Vadim Kabanchuk detained upon return to Belarus at the border crossing Stone's Log at the border with Lithuania on February 13. When it was about 100 newspapers issued by Belarusian activists outside Belarus. The very first Kabanchuk held for more than four hours at the border, and then taken to the police station Oshmyanski. It was assumed that he would be judged in the Oshmyany court. Vadim's mother said, Taisa Kabanchuk:

Taisa Kabanchuk

"I immediately said customs officers, head of smuggling, the leaflets were sent for examination, and he was released, we have to it have no complaints."

Later it was learned that on Monday, Vadim brought to Minsk and will be tried in the capital. Mother with associates in the BCD on duty throughout the first half of the day at the Moscow court, but because they did not report. Approximately15th They eventually learned that Vadim was given 10 days and he's already in Akrestsin. After 17th Mrs. hours Taisa said:

"I was taken to the prison administrator Akrestin and said that Vadim convicted under Article 23.34 of 1 to 10 days in the Moscow district court for the area. He had me and said, for the area. The trial took place at 12:15. And the place where we were on duty all this time. Of course, I was indignant, what is this secret courts, we are on duty there, ask where they will hear the case, we do not say anything … Already have brought him back to jail. Only release on February 24 in 17 hours. And it also detained 13th, one day has gone nowhere. Started this countdown, as it was brought to Minsk. "


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