Height of the first wave of the tsunami that reached Japan, was 10 centimeters

Mmo Japan reported that the height of the tsunami waves, which reached Titidzima island in the south, was 10 centimeters. Meteorologists warn that in other Pacific Coast tsunamis could be higher.

Management announced earlier warning tsunamiposle powerful earthquake of magnitude 8.0 in the Solomons. Prevention activities for the entire Pacific coast. According to experts, the height of the waves, which will reach the rising sun, will not exceed 0.5 meters.

Earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurred on Wednesday in the Pacific Ocean near the island of Makira, part of the Solomon Islands. The epicenter of earthquake was located in 348 kilometers east of Kirakira. The earthquake lies at a depth of 33 kilometers. An hour earlier in the same area there was an earthquake of magnitude 6.3.

Across the Pacific Solomon Islands is a "fire zone" — the band of volcanoes and tectonic faults up to 40,000 kilometers. He circles the Pacific Ocean, passing along the coasts of North and South America to the southern part of Alaska, then turns to Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, and ends near the island of New Guinea, New Zealand and South West Pacific.

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