History of Mathematics / The Story of Maths watch online

History of Mathematics / The Story of Maths watch online
Mathematics — Universal language The universe, the foundation upon which all other sciences. As the population of the earth was able to open the lurking this universal language? Since ancient times, traced history arithmetic to the present day and ends with the story of a more fundamental dilemmas of our time. For the solution of each of these "millennium problems" relies a great reward currency. But most importantly, the solution will allow them to better understand the structure of our world.

And the last. If you think that math is not fascinating — do not rush to dismiss this movie. The story is so exciting that you will not be bored. You have the chance to meet with the arithmetic other, fascinating side.

series 1 — Language Universe

Series 2 — The Genius of the East

series 3 — The limits of space

series 4 — For the boundaries of infinity

The remaining non-fiction films

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