How Astral controls peoples lives and society?

According to the magazine "SA Scientific Journal", a group of scientists from the University of Cape Town made a sensational discovery. Were received confirmation that our minds control astral beings! Significance of this discovery is so great that all the research related to the study of the effects were not only classified, and attempts have been made, remove all previously published an article with information about these studies?


The general public has long been known Kirlians method has allowed to take pictures of the fields surrounding the biological objects. The researchers involved in the study of the paranormal, these fields are associated with the aura of objects. In various publications, from popular science to serious scientific work, you can find a lot of pictures of these fields obtained advanced Kirlian, you can monitor these fields over time.

There is quite a lot of serious work to confirm the correlative relationship dynamics of these fields with the psychophysiological state of the individual. Research team at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in the well-known scientists with long experience of research of paranormal phenomena, including the methods of fixation, the aura, led by PhD Ngungu Tobago, known in the scientific community for its research, made a revolution in the consciousness of the importance of these fields in the life person.

Developed by scientists and research methods they invented the device (U.S. Patent, № US 5,253,984 B1), made it possible not only to record the dynamics of the aura of biological objects, but, on the basis of the experiments, a discovery that is unlikely to be caught by the world public. Investigations are ongoing, but most of them are classified due to the fact that lead to the sensational findings in the assessment of behavioral characteristics of people. However, some studies of this group of scientists made public due to the fact that they can not be hidden.

The fact is that in testing methods and devices developed by scientists in the early stages of research, were involved large groups of people, from which it was impossible to hide the results of experiments. These results suggest that there is a direct link so-called astral entities to man. We all know of attempts to various researchers of the paranormal, to fix on film so-called astral entities — ghosts, poltergeists, and more. Some of these attempts were unsuccessful. See above, photos.

However, prominent scientists continue to question the reality of these images. A team of scientists from the University of Cape Town for his research dispelled all doubts about it, proving the reality of obtaining such images that resulted in their invention, noted U.S. Pat. Advanced techniques Kirlians, they were able to achieve not only accurate fixing these astral objects, but also to study their dynamic characteristics including the dynamics of the emission spectrum and the dynamics of their constituent fields. Having started his studies a few years ago, and the results are encouraging, they decided to improve the methods of his research, which led to the discovery that shook the scientific community. Data were obtained, confirming the direct interaction of astral entities with an aura of people!
More detailed studies of the dynamics of these objects and their interactions revealed certain patterns of behavior and their relationship with people. For example, the photos were obtained, allowing to see the "penetration" astral entities in the aura of the person. On the following images is clearly seen. Above pictures are taken on the equipment and in the laboratory, disguised as a photo studio. This was done to ensure the purity of the experiment ensure that the test did not occur on the ongoing investigations. For the same reason, the shooting took place in the famous design studio, is not suspicious. Further studies have shown that the fields that represent the astral, are of variable intensity.

Initially, the researchers attributed this to statistical fluctuations. However, detailed studies have shown that these fluctuations are correlated with the harmonic components of the modulated signal. The analysis of these fluctuations with the help of a powerful computer on a specially developed algorithm, gave unexpected results. It turned out that these fluctuations are correlated with brain activity biolektromagnitnoy person with whom these entities interact. Explaining these correlations, the researchers claim that they have managed to capture the stages of "penetration" in the astral aura of the object. From the results of their studies suggest that the early stages of "penetration" astral synchronize their internal rhythms with the rhythms of the "victim" and, thus, has access to the aura of "victim." After penetrating the "victim" is changing the internal rhythms of the "victim" under the influence of the astral plane. Integrated studies with experts and psychologists, psychoanalysts, have shown a clear correlation between these fluctuations and the psycho-physiological reactions of people involved in the experiments. Moreover, these results were obtained by this action that the work of this group of scientists were immediately sealed.

However, some information from the early stages of research to draw some conclusions: It appears astral beings can be divided into two distinct types. Scientists arbitrarily designating them as "black" and "pure." Themselves the name speaks for itself, describing the objects. They differ among themselves as intensity, spectral composition of light, and its dynamic characteristics. The impact of these entities on the people was also different. "Black" effect, for example, show a constant activity in the "infiltration attempts" in the aura of a person. "Pure" is the essence, as a rule, do not show such activity. Obtained correlation between the activity of the "black" psychophysiological state entities and individuals also shows them other than "pure" entity level of human exposure. Typically, such an effect is nothing unreasonable aggression people not adequate to the situation.
Based on these experiments, it became apparent that many people are under the direct influence of the permanent entity! Some of the information obtained during the experiments also showed that there is a clear relationship between sustainable psychophysiological state of the individual and the "purity" of his aura, and the exposure of its "penetration." Psychophysiological state stability was determined by a number of medical and psychological tests, the reactions of the subjects to some specially created situation. To confirm or refute these findings, conducted statistical studies on large groups of people. In these studies involved different kinds of people from inmates while in prison, to groups of politicians and businessmen gathered for the discussion of various issues.
Because in order to ensure the purity of experiments required to complete ignorance study that conducted experiments, the research team was disguised as a group of reporters interviewing participants in the experiment. This was required and a cumbersome apparatus used, which successfully camouflaged under equipment crew. Questions asked by the studied groups of people were specially trained team of psychologists to obtain adequate behavioral responses. In particular, these studies have been conducted at the summit, held in 2002 in Johannesburg, on sustainable development.
According to the research, it was concluded: Almost all politicians and businessmen gathered at the Johannesburg Summit, "Infected"! These studies shocked scientists! Found that the greatest number of "black" entities with a partial or full penetration into the aura, was recorded in the groups politicians and businessmen! The number of "infected" with "black" essence of politicians and businessmen was many times greater than the same amount of "infected" in prison! Maybe information on upcoming trials leaked and became known to some high-ranking officials, and, therefore, they are referring to the political reasons, chose not to appear at the summit?
In addition, studies have been conducted on the subject of "infection" Astral, many politicians of the highest rank of the different countries of the world. Results have been disappointing. Thus, statistical studies have confirmed the findings of scientists that a lot of people, especially politicians and businessmen who are under constant influence of "black" Astral, controlling their minds and behavior! Therefore, appear to be the actions of politicians are often inadequate political and economic situations in the world. For example, quite questionable actions of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, in their obsession with destroying Iraq.

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