How to survive the end of the world

On December 21, 2012 once again announcing the end of the world. And the sources of apocalyptic predictions very different — it's the Mayan prophecy, and the statement of the Buddhist monk that the world is mired in sin and be destroyed, and wandering planet Nibiru, and the so-called "parade of planets" (celestial phenomenon when the planets in the solar system, "line up "in one row). In short, the end of the world would be, but there is a reason.

Therefore, we asked our experts to question why people always waiting apocalypse and believe such predictions? Moreover, these predictions have been a great many, but people still continue to foul the earth and believe that here at this time just explode. Another interesting thing: despite the fact that the causes of the Last Day in different predictions differ, everyone is waiting for trouble is 21/12/2012. Than this date has earned such a bad name?

Another issue that is relevant regardless of whether we happen apocalypse or not. How does the hype around the upcoming disasters on people's behavior? It seems that the social and economic apocalypse has already begun without an official announcement, as the old world order is unsteady even in prosperous Europe. About Ukraine and say nothing — we are saved only bad habit of living and deep pofigizm. Could it be that the end of the world — it's just the usual end of the world and the beginning of a new phase in the history of mankind? Is it an accident that on the whole planet is increasingly taking place without massive protests and war, typhoons and floods, and so it was before? What can be expected from the 21 and 22 December? And, finally, can scare a doomsday person who has survived the collapse of the USSR, wild 90's, several economic crises, and a couple of revolutions? All this we have asked the competent experts.

Kiev astrologer Alexander V. was of the view that people tend to believe the information that has taken nowhere.

"We are horrified to expect computer collapse in 2000 — says esoteric — but nothing happened. Several times prescribed parts of the world different personalities such as Maria Devi Krivonogov Christ and the White Brotherhood. In general all over the world is the story of what occasionally appear very clear date. "

Relative to the Mayan prophecy, suggested an astrologer, "most likely a continuation of the calendar, it just for some reason did not find: either in a hurry, or because of a desire to give roast news." It's like, says Alexander V., that "if Pushkin wrote two volumes, but did not find the third."

The expert believes that for people who expect the end of the world, this is another easy Puppet.

"If indeed we really flew to the planet Nibiru — told Kiev astrologer — would be in the world poured vibration changes. For example, before the earthquake in Spitak, people walked for several hours, as the dead. Time stood still, the chill on the back of all was, the cats howled, dogs and jackals. It is felt. If it was the end of the world, it would have been spilled in the world of feelings, and above all it would have felt animals, a woman. "

The head of the Kiev school of astrology Victor Basile told that there are several reasons why people expect the apocalypse: first, "when there is any situation that you do not know how to solve, I want to sleep, go to another city, to die" and secondly, "whenever there is a change of time, calendars."

Why the apocalypse, according to some predictions, falls on December 21, esoteric made the following suggestion: "December 21 allegedly Earth comes into a galactic beam, we go to sleep, wake up already more — updated or dead. From the point of view of physics, this is nonsense. A lot of movies have been on this topic. End of the world there is explained by asteroids, solar flares — all that you want. Here it can be really Venice floats in the U.S. New York City is flooded, was New Orleans — no longer exists. That is, such things can happen, but it's not the end of the world, this is the end of someone for something. "

Also, Mr. Basile said about interpreting astrology possible end of the world.

"Astrology — is a product of the system, the world in which we live — the enlightened astrologer. — We use the tool, which was created in this world. If the end of the world to consider, in the sense that the end of everything, then disappears astrology. My point is that it is being in the system, does not see the system from outside. It can not predict the end of the world because it is itself a part of this world. "

Supports previous expert leader of the "Brotherhood", the president of the Institute of Regional Policy and modern political science Dmitry Korchinsky. He claims that "everyone is waiting for the end of the world, because with the end of the world come to an end and all the trouble."

By the way, said Dmitry, is the old man in his time, Freud added a theory of libido, "He defined the libido and desire for death as the basic urges. People are interested in these topics. Similarly, as we are interested in childhood horror stories, so, of course, we were excited all the talk about the end of the world. " By the way, the expert invited all the people of Kiev to the joint celebration of the "renewal of the world" on December 21 on the castle hill.

Dmitry Korchinsky said that some people are very serious about the next apocalypse, because they believe that "after the light is over, they still will be able to survive with salt, matches and dry spirit."

On the question of whether or not scare rumors of a possible apocalypse people who survived the collapse of the Soviet Union, the dashing 90 and several waves of economic crisis, the expert referred to the human fear.

"There are people who are not afraid of Russian tanks, but are afraid of police Bobby — gave the example of the leader of" The Brotherhood. " — There are people who are not afraid to die, but they are afraid to go to jail. And, oddly enough, the people who have been through many trials, may be frightened of stale fish. "

As for whether it was before so many disasters in the world, social activist said yes. The thing is, he said, that "just now have greater access to information, and now it is with great pleasure sucking media and are more interested in people."

On the hype about the end of the world, which has caused the press, and said rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, a human rights activist, journalist, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, Miroslav Marinovich.

As for the fact that the world is mired in sin, the expert said, "It is obvious, and Ukraine is just a perfect illustration of this. Therefore, there is no doubt that we deserved end of the world, and one wonders why it has not happened. "

As for a specific date, for Mr. Marinovich are persuasive words of the Bible, that this date no one knows but the Father. And so — it's a game of human ambitions and intuition sure Miroslav Francovich.

Vice-Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University recalled the discussions around the theme of the end of the world: "Astrologers say the approach of the age of Aquarius. Others say that the terrorist attacks in the United States opened a new era in the history of human tragedy. " But in general, he said, all right, because that is where there are people, there will always be attempts to know the meaning of the world, and people will always do it.

As for the reason for the "social and economic apocalypse" particularly in Ukraine, the reason is that we are not able to draw conclusions, expert says, "The Lord is forced to repeat the lessons that we have learned. This is a good school in the case of negligent student: teacher or send it to re-sit, or leaves the second year. It seems that we are "left" for 20 years, if not longer. And we still can not make conclusions. " And radicalization in Ukraine suggests Miroslav Francovich concluded that "we will want a steady hand and a very fast way to the final solution."

As for the people's faith in the apocalypse in our enlightened XXI century head of the Center of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Applied Psychology, psychiatrist Eugene Voronkov said that we still profess principles caveman.

"For 20-30 thousand years of our existence, — the expert explained his position — in our psychology as we live longer, quality of life changed, technically we have acquired, but a mystical perception of many things remained at psychological image of a caveman." In addition, people, according to Mr. Voronkov, maybe something they know, but "it is their general education and spiritual enlightenment are primitive."

From acclaimed date December 21 of this year, Eugene Voronkov expect nothing. But the people said the psychiatrist, very suggestible, "You would say to them instead of the 21st 18th — they have influenced the 18th."

The expert believes that the end of the world in the history of mankind — it's more like the idea of the spiritual, "This is not the end of the material world in the first place. End of the world, which is present in all religions to some extent, a radical change of interpersonal, spiritual processes. "

Archpriest, rector Agapito Cave Father Andrei Tkachev said that if people are Christians, they should read the scriptures, and let them hear Buddhist monks Buddhist.

"We have no doubt that the world is mired in sin, — said Father Andrew — and will sooner or later destroyed, but the destruction of the world — is the transformation of the world, or the world will change. As it is written in one of the cult book by Richard Bach, is that the caterpillar calls the end of the world calls a butterfly birthday. The world has changed for the better and cleaned off with cleaning the fire, which destroyed all the bad and evil. " But the appointment date and the mysteries of God bind to a specific date, said the priest — a "conscious or charlatanism, or blisters on the pools, that is, the fruit of light and shallow mind."

The spiritual father told me that it really means the apocalypse: "In Greek it means revelation, and revelation is not only threatened by some executions, it also heralds something and joyful: the kingdom of God, the heavenly Jerusalem, the triumph of the righteous." So to think the apocalypse only in dark colors, pointed archpriest, means not to know neither God nor his writings.

"There are a lot of happy in the Apocalypse — Father Andrey Tkachev. — Christ said that when you see a self-fulfilling prophecy of the terrible, flatten and do not be afraid, because the time is coming your redemption. No need to look at the prospect of life in the world in terms of grobnogo worm or devastating earthquakes. We must think in terms of meeting with God. " And, he added, people "need to be smarter and more serious."

And here at the editor of "Kyiv Telegraph" Vladimir Skachko completely different view on the possible apocalypse. It seems that the expectation of Judgment — is "intuitive, unconscious self-awareness of people because they are secretly guilty of, betray, and spit in the soup neighbor and wish him evil, smiling at this. Waiting for the end of the world — this is the sublimation of a guilty conscience. "

But conscience, said the journalist, it's such a court, which has not been seen, "She comes at night, waking the person to whom it came, and then the fun begins. I do not know what they meant Maya, whether it is empowered to our Lord or. Much worse than what I was saying. But on the other hand, it is said that humanity is still alive, and moral norms nevertheless still exist as a spirit of the Areopagus, which people remember and clean themselves in everyday behavior. "

On the question of whether you can scare a man who survived the collapse of the "scoop" and a series of crises, the end of the world, Vladimir said ironically: "I survived the collapse of the USSR, and, as you see, no buzzing. Remember how to Vladimir Ilyich people came and said, 'We mrem, no bread, zhrem dead horse meat, will soon neigh like horses. " And he answered them: "Why did so to dramatize? I've welled up a jar of honey, and as you can see, not buzzing. "

Vladimir Skachko advised not to compare the collapse of the USSR and the end of the world, because it is different.

"End of the World — summed up the chief editor of" Kyiv Telegraph "- it is a terrible trial, where everyone will have to answer for anything. But this would be a bad thing. Maybe someone was afraid of anything. After all, the worst abominations usually happening with the words of the good. Paved with good intentions, not only the path from the Soviet Union in Europe, but to hell. "

Lisa Monin

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