How will the transition. Excerpted from George Boreeva sixth race and Nibiru

How will the book George PEREHOD.Otryvok Boreeva "Sixth race and Nibiru"
Do not let people dictate to you their feelings and share with them my feelings

Many people misrepresent themselves Apocalypse. He is a long time, is ten years, at least. Signs of the Apocalypse are obvious: increased mortality at low birth rate atypical disorders climate: warm — winter chill — summer, severe storms and hurricanes, increased volcanic activity, increased frequency of large earthquakes, and the melting of eternal ice, widespread flooding, planetary warming, dramatic man-made disasters; atypical appearance of new viruses and diseases, global economic crisis. But it's still just the beginning. Transition to a quadruple measurement runs for several time waves. Ahead of us three waves at the end of 2009, in late 2012 and early 2013. This will be the strongest, most tragic, the most significant …

Nowadays, all the pious people are already feeling the powerful energy of the Cosmos. These ultra-rays of all kinds come from the center of our galaxy and the universe. Flows of subtle energy of the Cosmos creates conditions for instability of all types of electromagnetic and gravitational fields both on Earth and throughout the solar system. Complex atoms of physical matter are destroyed, turning into the simplest components. All artificial apart. So now have the critical situation in which the transformation of the Earth and humanity can happen at any time. Man-made world of humanity is rapidly and steadily crumbling, and with it, life is crumbling Fifth Race — human civilization-destroyers. After the Flood float new continents, and on their lands will actively develop civilization builders and creators.

Nowadays, many Siddhas and clairvoyants see "dirt" on the subtle bodies of people, astral mud in the streets, houses, apartments. This emanation of short people, their minds, their expiration date, their metabolic products, which are a real drain. Dirt — is anger, hatred, greed, envy, lust, aggression. On a subtle level — seen dirt literally. That's what our earthly world in the etheric plane.

If now the people of our country will not be able, at least partially reduce the devastating tornado own sensory-cognitive activity, then after two years, the entire planet will be delivered in the extreme conditions of life, as described in previous chapters.

Planetary catastrophe may be transient and terrible in its consequences, if we do not change your mind. If the polarity of the magnetic poles of the Earth will a dramatic shift in the Earth's axis, the rapid movement of the continents will lead to floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and rapid climate change.

After the pole shift will be in Moscow equatorial, and the temperature may briefly rise even higher than 60 degrees Celsius.

Some contactees and Wang predicted that in 2009, our capital must occur earthquake. And then the central part of the city will fall to the ground. The entire territory of the European part of Russia will be flooded with water flood. Waters of the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic seas unite, and among the huge water surface throughout this vast territory only in some high places are barely warm islands of life. Much of the lowlands of Western Siberia also be flooded with water. All other lands of Russia as eastern and southern undergo intensive cleaning of fire and water. Water is not only a flood in the south-eastern Siberia.

In South Africa, a powerful wake zone of volcanic activity, which will lead to a precipitous plunge into the ocean of the whole southern part of the African continent following the Congo River. Disappear under the water and the island of Madagascar. Northern and Pacific Oceans merge their waters together, covering most of the territory, from the Trans-Baikal. In the new ocean will include all current areas of East Asia, including the Far East, the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, the area between the two Chinese rivers, islands of Japan. Map of the World in a few years will be transformed beyond recognition: many states will disappear altogether. The remaining countries will continue their miserable existence, turned into a death struggle for physical survival, for world domination, which grow up to a third of psychotronic and thermonuclear world war. The northern part of Europe in a very short time become a ridge of small islands with volcanic activity. Switzerland from the north will get access to the newly formed Big Sea. England, half of France and Germany will become submerged. Violent shocks are coming to both American continents. Drown Canada and Alaska. Disappear under the water in the U.S. south and turn into small islands of the eastern lands of North America. Northern countries of South America will absorb the water of the ocean. Among the remaining islands of land will rage unprecedented power of typhoons and tsunamis huge new ocean.

Inevitably a wave of disasters in 2013 can carry five billion human lives. Such a dismal prospect awaits us if we do not stop destroying themselves their thoughts and gain destructive energy in the aura of the planet.

Fiery Light of Transfiguration we can not save no money, no power, no underground bunkers. Because in the world of the new Earth will be impossible to get into the lower consciousness.

If anyone sees the sage indicating your shortcomings and blame for them, follow this sage as pointing you to treasure

The Vedas say that every 13,000 years on Earth there is a change of positions. This event leads to a global planetary catastrophe and erase the memory of all living beings. The change of positions is also associated with the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. Cycle period of about 26,000 years. During this time, the Earth's axis describes a circle for all twelve signs of the zodiac. Generally speaking, the Earth was in the last 2000 years in the constellation Pisces, and now has moved into the constellation of Aquarius.

After passing the point of closest approach and the maximum distance from the center of the solar system in our galaxy in the world is just a change of the poles. The last such change about 13,000 years ago led to the death of our previous civilization of Atlantis, Atlantis deaths in all the continents of the world. The fourth race went down in history. Came the departure of our Fifth Race. Currently, the Earth is just going through a similar process of "reverse", known to many predictions as "End of the World." This planetary catastrophe that would lead to a shift of the Earth's axis, the movement of continents, the terrible floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and frightening abrupt climate change, many souls will move into the fourth and fifth dimension.

Following the end of 26,000-year cycle in 2013 will come a whole series of other "anniversaries". The constellation of the Pleiades, which includes our solar system, is about to end its stay in orbit around the galactic center. Here, it was over 230 billion years, and now moves to the inner orbit. But the whole of our galaxy, which we call the "Milky Way", also completes the period of the rotation around the conditional center of our universe. "The Milky Way" will also be on a different orbit.

Therefore, my dear, now facing the Earth with a spectacular opportunity to make a spiritual conversion. Opens the possibility to make a massive teleportation shower humans into the atmosphere of the etheric double of the planet that is in a different space. Such a shift of the Earth in four-dimensional space "scenario" should occur in 2013. My dear, you probably do not remember now, and that during the "reversal" very easily consciousness leaves the physical body, because the magnetic field is removed, the electromagnetic protecting the Earth's surface and the rigid outer radiation increases a hundredfold. This, in turn, is very conducive to the separation of the astral and mental counterpart of the dense medium.

Animals and most of humanity with a frequency of 12 Hz vibrations to make the transition to another physical planet similar to Earth. They go at it through death.

Those people who have raised their vibration frequencies up to 20 Hz, will move into the fourth dimension, in the New World, with the release of the subtle bodies of their physical shells. That is, they will move into the ethereal world or in a dream or in a swoon. Other people do not make a transition, they will remain in the world.

Holy men, Rishi, Siddha, Yoga and other highly spiritual human beings with kind of thinking will make this transition with preservation of consciousness. They will help the bulk of humanity to survive on the physical world, and then make the transition to the fourth dimension.

Some clairvoyants and yoga describes the transition as a movement through the "absolute nothing" in space-time tunnel. This is the passage of a pause between the notes. All those who deliberately left the body and flew into the Fourth Dimension, and returned back after this trip marked rejuvenation of the body, a state of bliss, indescribable happiness, joy, health and ease — as though it was a long recovery from a chronic illness. The main condition of passing through a wormhole is a high level of spirituality, a high level of internal and external Awareness.

You try, how much you can afford it, help the poor — because each embodied divinity

The fact that the territory occupied by Russia today, there will be a new center of civilization, all the Prophets unanimous. Edgar Cayce claimed that Russia will become the center of a new civilization:

"Hope to come to the world from Russia. Not a Communist, not the Bolsheviks, and liberated from Russia! It will be years before that happens. The new religious development of Russia will give the world the last hope … The mission of the Slavic peoples of Russia is a radical change nature of human relationships. From the East comes liberation from selfishness and coarse material passions. Relations between nations will be restored on a new basis: confidence and wisdom. "

The same is said and Nostradamus:

"Adversity, threatening humanity bypass" Tartar "(Russia) party."

According to Nostradamus, "Russia will be a broken home of the religious revival of the Christian world …"

Wang said the same thing:

"Everything will melt like ice, and only one remains — the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia. Too much is sacrificed. No one can stop Russia. All sweep it out of the way and not only continue, but will become master of the world … Russia lose weight and will be restored … In Russia, a lot of new people will be born, who will be able to change the world. "

Vanga prophesied powerful uplift of Russia: "God gave her the strength! .. There is no force that could break Russia. It will develop, grow and flourish. "

It should be noted that all global Vanga predictions concerning Russia, came true — and Gorbachev came to power, and the August 1991 coup, and the re-election of Yeltsin, and the city of Grozny on fire and sunk "Kursk" … These prophecies Vanga heard many. Wang said he sees tremendous spiritual potential of Russia: "God gave her the strength!".

Wang said that after disasters Russia will revive, "It will sweep away all the obstacles in its path and not only continue, but will become ruler of the world … All religions fall. Will be only one thing: the doctrine of the Great Brotherhood. As pure flower, it will cover the earth, and because of this people will be saved. " But this is not be done at once. This, according to Vanga, must be preceded by the convergence of three countries in the world, after the pole shift. "At one point, — said Wang — will join China, India and Moscow …"

Last prophecy Vanga against Russia is reduced to a single gesture: it is not a word, drew a large circle of his arms in the air. It was saying that after the shifting of the poles and the purification of the Fire on Earth at the center of Asia formed a new government. This will be the center of a new civilization. The state will include the territory of India, China, Tibet and Eastern Russia. It has spread around the world a new "religion" — Agni Yoga.

After brief immersion in a trance state, Wang stated:

— All religions fall. Will be only one — the teaching of the White Brotherhood. As a white flower, it will cover the earth, and because of this people will be saved.

Teaching, for which every now and then there were the names of the Roerich and Blavatsky extremely occupied imagination Vanga. She called the fire Agni Yoga Bible.

— This is a new teaching, — she said — but built on the foundations of the old. Here you can compare the old with the roots, and the new — like a flower blossomed in the sun.

She said the secret depths of the work on the Teaching now over. Remain a mystery, it no longer can. As a fiery stream will break it to the people.

— Agni Yoga comes from Russia — Vanga prophesied. — Will clean Russia, will the White Brotherhood in Russia. Hence the doctrine begins its march around the world. Twenty years later, before it does not, collect the first great harvest.

With all the global optimism Baba Vanga's prophecies in her no-no, and slipped the apocalyptic tone. She said that every nation has its own star, which fills its luminous energy. However, there are exceptions. Some people, she said, there is no star and a planet. So: new Teaching (according to Vanga, the "white-white as snow") will create a new environment (in the words of Vanga "everything will be white, as white as milk"), in which these people can not survive in any case, spiritually. In an unusual atmosphere for them as if they are suffocating. People, which instead of a planet or star, which is the same, dead star, and he goes out, claimed Wang, like a candle in the wind is too strong. "

According to all the prophets, in the geological sense the territory of Russia will suffer less — global flood would not be as total, horrific earthquake — less than catastrophic. However, forecasters agree on one thing — victims in Russia is much higher than in other countries, tormented by the destruction of the earth's crust. Through cleansing exposure of the New Planet will be only a few, mostly small children will be saved. They who will be the basis of a new race and a new civilization that will be reborn in Eastern Russia, Tibet and North China.

In one of the conversations supported Wang Roerich guess that Father Sergius is the previous incarnation of the Master Morya.

The fate of Russia, as seen by Wang and Helena Roerich, strongly linked with the White Brotherhood, the Teacher Helena Roerich — Mahatma Morya — and Teachings of the White Brotherhood, issued through Helena Roerich — the "Agni Yoga". "Agni Yoga" will be the only religion of the world after Judgment Day.

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