Hydrologists begin scientific reconstruction flooding in the Kuban

Expedition scientists and hydrologists begins Saturday flood reconstruction held in Krasnodar region, told RIA Novosti on Friday the head of the Federal Agency for Water Resources Marina Seliverstova.

"We open the scientific work on reconstruction of the events of this catastrophic flood. Tomorrow there flying group, which I chair: it is the designers, scientists, rusloviki, morphology, hydrology and hydraulic engineering, who will make a helicopter circled and see the passage flood and then to reconstruct," — said Seliverstova told RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the public hearings held by the magazine "Ecology and Life".

According to the head of Water Management, the findings by a scientific team will form the basis for future decisions to protect residents of the Crimean region of Krasnodar Territory from the elements.

"We have to determine the necessary and sufficient measures, either associated with engineering areas, or with proposals to release filled river valley, which today was occupied buildings," — said Seliverstova.

At the same time it is difficult to name the scientific reconstruction of the flood, noting that it will take some time.

Flooding on the night of July 7 sank 7.2 thousand houses in the three cities (Gelendzhik, Crimea, Novorossiysk) and a number of villages of the Krasnodar Territory. Violated the electrical, gas and water supply, road and rail traffic. Killed more than 170 people. Most of the victims were in Krymsk.

Earlier, the Federal Agency for Supervision of Natural Resources has stated that one of the reasons for the large number of flood victims in the Crimean region was unauthorized construction pavodkoopasnyh territories.

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