Hypochlorite installation is running on Pioneer waterworks in Vladivostok

The apparatus of drinking water disinfection with sodium hypochlorite is running on Pioneer waterworks in Vladivostok. Now the use of unsafe liquid chlorine in the city district ceased. With the introduction of hypochlorite installation KGUP "Coastal water utility" the next stage of implementing a modern and safe water disinfection technology entering the water supply network of the city.

Built on the modernization project of sewage treatment plants waterworks start-up and commissioning of a new installation of water disinfection process is not interrupted even for a minute — liquid chlorine has been "replaced" by sodium hypochlorite gradually.

Recall that the full transition to sodium hypochlorite, which has a high disinfectant properties and at the same time safe during transport and storage, Pioneer waterworks "removed" from the control RTN — that is, cease to be potentially hazardous to workers' Primorye water canal ", the locals and environmental urban district as a whole.
Through the works of the Pioneer hydroelectric passes per day 30-50 thousand cubic meters of water from the reservoir Sedankinsky. In addition, the waterworks shall also so-called "advanced treatment" transit of water that goes to the city from remote hydro — Bogatinskogo and Artyom. So the day is cleaned in the aggregate up to 150,000 cubic meters of water.
The transition to the use of sodium hypochlorite in water purification is carried out in the framework of the State Unitary Enterprise "Primvodokanal" "Environmental security and the environment in water purification." Installations that produce sodium hypochlorite disinfecting water are already working on Bogatinskom waterworks and pumping station Ermine.
Note that Vladivostok and "Coastal water utility" have become leaders in the use of hypochlorite disinfection of drinking water in Russia. For example, in Moscow the beginning of the implementation of this technology in a city-wide scale is planned for this fall.
However, all the water is going to Vladivostok via Bogatinsky, Pioneer and Artemovskii hydro is treated more and ultraviolet radiation that destroys all known types of bacteria. Using modern technology, "Coastal water utility" continues to implement a program to improve the quality of drinking water.

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