In anticipation of the end of the world: stress or psychological training. TV channel Russia doomsday

With reports of the imminent end of the world and natural disasters we face almost every day. Live constantly waiting for disaster impossible. Is it possible to mentally prepare for an emergency? This leading "Morning of Russia" was asked by the scientific editor of GEO Borislav Kozlovsky.

When you can not change the surrounding circumstances, psychologists offer to change their attitude towards these circumstances. Borislav Kozlowski did a study and found that, it appears, people incorrectly perceive messages about emergencies and emergency events themselves.

"Each of us is a time bomb, the mechanisms that evolution is a long time to lay in us to survive in a hostile world. Airbag It's like: a huge part of the brain is only responsible for ensuring that work is the only time in my life," — he said.

About this mechanism, according to him, we know virtually nothing. "We have a center of fear — amygdala, which is responsible for our instant reaction. For example, when we see a snake, we first jumps, and then understand what happened to us," — continued the expert.

According to him, one does not have the tools with which he can mentally prepare yourself to a particular emergency. "So, for a man with all of his free will so hurt sound advice: as soon as a person is something extraordinary, he offered not to move, stand still and wait for the experts," — he said. And yet, in his opinion, is the best that can be done separately taken untrained person.

Borislav Kozlowski noted that train resistance to stress in emergency situations can be — must be constantly in the same circumstances, to face the frightening things. So behave military and rescue workers, but this "training" is the flip side — post-traumatic stress syndrome. "Extreme sports, trips to the war as a tourist — it's not the measure — said the expert. — This is where we need to entrust their free will to psychologists and those who will be for us to build bridges for dying."

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