In Bashkortostan, the locusts came,

In Bashkortostan, the locusts came,

Locusts, which occupied several regions of Russia, reached and Bashkortostan. Haybullinskogo pests found in the area. There is left is created in the Ministry of Agriculture Commission. Fields promptly sprayed with poisons. Of the five thousand acres, on which there were insects for dinner yesterday was processed in 1200.

According to experts, to Ufa and other parts of this attack will not come.

By the way, this year, a few cases occurred in Tuimazy, Chekmagushevskom and Dyurtyuli areas, but pockets eliminated quickly.

Remembering last year's disaster, farmers declared pests tough fight. Now for the prevention of work in the country in 1320 sprayers. They process 66 000 hectares per day. There are 12 units of aerosol. The effectiveness of each — a thousand acres a day. And if you suddenly do not have enough, then in this case we have the "heavy artillery" — the rescue podospeyut five aircraft AN-2. Each of them a day can save 800 hectares.

Whether to wait for the abnormal drought?

Rainy weather pretty disgusted residents of Bashkiria. Crops but it helped. Therefore, as assured farmers, the crop this year, we should get at least average.

Although in some places, heavy rains washed away crops of sugar beet. But even with that, the forecasts for the next crop is very optimistic. Moisture reserves in the soil by 62 per cent higher than the average long-term value. This reserve can survive the lack of rain during 20 — 25 days.

— This year a lot of rose plants. Haymaking has already begun. According to our forecasts, in the summer you can make two or three mowings, which means that the cattle have enough food for the winter — told in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus.

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