In black holes lurk advanced civilizations

Inside black holes may exist forms of life, including in the form of highly developed civilizations, which for various reasons do not want to disclose their location to "brothers in mind," said an employee of the Moscow Institute for Nuclear Research, Vyacheslav Dokuchaev.

According to popular belief, black holes suck in everything that is around them, including light — and then everything disappears. However Dokuchaev confident that within them there are areas where the photons can survive in stable periodic orbits. And if there are orbits for photons, there is no reason that we could disprove the existence of stable orbits and where larger objects — such as planets. Their arguments scientist published in the online journal at Cornell.

The problem is that detect these stable orbits do not allow so-called event horizon — the primary field of black holes, where time and space become one.

Dokuchaev believes that outside the event horizon is "Cauchy horizon" — an area where space and time become their normal properties. What's in it rotate on the singularity, as well as the planets in our solar system. However, in contrast to the usual orbits, these are not circular, but more complicated form, something resembling a wreath of leaves. Planets revolving in orbits that get their energy not only at the expense of the singularity, but the photons trapped orbit.

According to scientists, on such planets exist conditions for the formation of complex chemical substances, therefore, has all the prerequisites for life, including in the form of advanced civilizations. The scientist believes that advanced aliens black holes are the perfect refuge, which does not give out their location.

However, to confirm this theory is not possible. Even if we imagine that in the future mankind will be able to equip an expedition into the depths of a black hole — for its members, by definition becomes one-way ticket.

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