In Chernivtsi region 14 families are living on the brink


The village Bochkovtsy Chernivtsi region 14 families living on the edge. In the late 90's here intensified landslide. First earth moving too fast. But after heavy rains in 2008, the cave was literally underfoot. Since then, people promise to relocate, and the region strengthened. But neither the one nor the other do not. No money. Today — nearly 4 houses destroyed. In hazardous area — gas and water supply. Details in the material — Alena Tsintily.

Sergei Shklyarenko life the past few months is more like disaster movies. Landslide crept right to the doorstep of his home. All that has built over the years, before our eyes, falling into the abyss.

Sergei Shklyarenko, affected residents s.Bochkovtsy:

— Half of the kitchen fell 10 days ago. Dalі integer bachite saraєm s garage. That fell back slit mіsyats osіnnyu otut can walk for Bulo Tyzhden zsuv pіdіyshov pid foundation i have appeared trєschini fundamentі takі scho pokazuyut scho tsya stіna bude fall

Sergey on suitcases with her daughter — live for several months. The house is even afraid to sleep. Now — here warehouse. The furniture in the rooms — almost there. All the clothes, dishes — packed in boxes. All our Maina E vzhe spakuvali. In constant fear — 14 families live in the village Bochkivtsy. Their houses may collapse — at any moment. This was in the area say it all — and the officials and geologists, and utilities.

Cynthia Allen, reporter:

— A landslide has covered 4 acres of land. And besides houses, in the danger zone was water, power lines, gas supply system nearby villages and main roads.

Despite the cold, the landslide moves fast. Just over a week — the gap closer to home for another meter.

Nina Bodnar, chairman of the village council Bochkovetskogo:

— Until the day sogodnіshnіy E slit maєmo gas maєmo Svitlo, i maєmo, ale Tse Mauger pohvilinno butylene. Vono Mauger i stand priblizno tizhen — 2, and E can Mauger buvalno vіdіyti i vono Mauger collapse Tse all.

Creeping ground because of ground water and excavation of a former brick factory, say geologists. In 2003 — they have developed a range of measures — how to stop the movement of soil. But money is not found — the work has not begun. Now urgent — need to relocate four families. To buy their homes — requires 400 thousand hryvnia. Neither in agriculture nor in the district or in the regional budget — no money.

Vladimir Storchak, Deputy. predstedatelya Khotyn district administration:

— In printsipі, їm Bulo zaproponovano in razі nadzvichaynoї situatsії, їm zaproponovano timchasovo pereselitisya have primіshennya novoї rekonstruyovanoї lіkarnі in selі Klіshkіvtsі.

The request for help addressed to Deputy of District government. Now waiting for a response. And people in Bochkovtsah — continue to take turns to sleep, listening — if not crumbling walls.

Cynthia Allen, Maxim Sokolik, "Details" TC "Inter", Chernivtsi region

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