In Guatemala, the eruption of the volcano declared evacuation

Guatemalan authorities announced Thursday the highest "red" level of anxiety due to the beginning of the eruption of the volcano Fuego, located 50 kilometers from the capital, and began evacuating people from the five facilities near populated areas, said channel Univision.

We are talking about a mass evacuation of thousands of people living near the volcano, which is transported in a safe place and trained temporary shelters.

Fuego activated sixth time this year, in the early morning explosion observed in the crater and ash emissions to a height of up to one kilometer above the volcano crater. Experts reported that the lava has flooded the southern slopes of the volcano in the area of about seven square kilometers.

According to volcanologists, this eruption Fuego is the strongest since 1999. The authorities have warned of the possible danger for the flight of aircraft in the surrounding areas if the volcano emitted ash reached a height of 1.5 kilometers.

Fuego is one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala. It has a height of 3.7 km above sea level and is located between the departments of Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango, and Escuintla.

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