In Kamchatka, the three volcanoes erupt

In Kamchatka, the three volcanoes eruptPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, February 09 (New Region, Daria Neklyudova) — Three simultaneously erupting volcano in Kamchatka. Kizimen volcano in Kronotsky reserve assigned alarm code orange for aviation. Fire giant ash plume extends for 400 kilometers. Shiveluch threw a column of ash to a height of seven kilometers. Karymsky smoking ashes also many kilometers high, writes, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

The hottest point of the peninsula today recognize Kizimen volcanologists. During the week they studied it with the reserve staff.

In the vicinity of a raging volcano of cities and towns, but there are four cordon Kronotsky reserve: boiled, Istok, airfield and Ipuin. Last — just 20 kilometers from the fiery volcano. "Looking for a volcano," Inspector Eugene Vlasov several times had to be on duty during the day with a lantern.

It was first noticed inspectors Kronotsky Kizimov awakening — in October last year. Since then constantly take samples of water and ash for the specialists of the Institute of Volcanology. Daily reports on the radio now as a front-line summary: a volcanic cloud is coming back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (in January it several times, covered the distance of 270 kilometers and caused ash falls!), The river overflowed in the middle of winter and joking rolling in multi-ton stones.

Seismicity Kizimov varies, but remains high, the satellites capture bright thermal anomaly eruption — explosive.

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