In Kramatorsk mass killing pigeons

In the central square Kramatorsk recently got a lot of dead pigeons. Today we counted 30 dead pigeons, some of them torn by dogs and cats.
Ornithologist Maxim Vysochin says that there are three reasons why pigeons can die: disease, some low-quality food to feed them, or the bitter frost, which has recently been and continues spring nights.

"In order to identify the exact cause of death of pigeons to send the carcasses to the lab in Slavyansk, — said Maxim Vysochin. — There they examine and give an accurate opinion on the cause of death."

The cost of such an analysis is about 200 USD. Every resident Kramatorsk who is concerned about the death of the pigeons, can make a survey at its own expense, the duties of department of ecology survey of pigeons is not included. "But the people of the city can apply to our department with the appropriate application, then we will consider the question of the survey," — said the ornithologist.

Maxim Vysochin added that people have virtually no risk of contracting the pigeons, if they are really sick. "The pigeons that live in the area — not wild. This escaped domestic pigeons," — said ornithologist.

After talking to pigeons to wash hands with soap and soda

72-year-old Edward Ilyenkov fancier, who all their lives engaged in pigeons, I agree that the cause of mass death of birds can be a bad food or disease.

"Pigeons can hurt" stagger "or salmonellosis, — said Edward Trofimovich. — They're sick everywhere: in Poltava, in the Kharkiv region, we have. Their pigeons recently I barely go out."

If a sick pigeon "stagger" or Newcastle disease, it affects the central nervous system. The pigeon is not oriented in space, "wrong flies." According to Edward Ilyenkov "stagger" in pigeons can be found in the following way: when the bird is sitting, her head bowed on one side and it looks eye upward.

Salmonellosis — one of the most common infectious diseases of pigeons. Symptoms of acute salmonellosis — inhibition, drowsiness, stiffness, ruffled feathers, jerking limbs.

"People can not actually get from pigeons, but still have a chance to catch them salmonella — says fancier — so after talking with pigeons should at least wash your hands."

According to Edward Ilyenkov liquor — the best disinfectant of the above diseases, but they do not pomoesh hands, so after talking to pigeons to wash hands with soap and soda.

Alex Ladyka

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